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Artikel-Nr.: 532519
Verpackungseinheit: PR
Katalogseite: 1712
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: ANCRA / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: n/a




Red. With integrated soft hooks. Overall length 69" (175cm). Top Of The Line in standard motorcycle tie-downs. 4500lb. / 2041kg tensile strength nylon webbing with a 1800lb. / 816kg rated cam buckle. Two 1200lb. / 544kg rated vinyl coated S hooks per strap. Minimum assembly strength 1200lb. / 544kg per strap, Work Load Capacity 400lb. / 181kg per strap. Strap width 1". Note: Ancra is deeply integrated in ´cargo restraint products´ in the civil and military transportation industry with a product line ranging from consumer to the largest industrial scale. Ancra will secure cargo from a trailer to trucks, aircraft, submarines or even a containership. If you are looking for the best restraint equipment in the industry to safely transport your motorcycle, look no further. Ancra tie-downs will take the load!

Fits: Univ.

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1712 Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous OIL FILTERS, TANKS & PARTS 18 JAGG UNIVERSAL/REPLACEMENT OIL COOLERS Right for just about any custom application you can think of, or to replace your current cooler. With the separately available univer- sal Jagg cooler clamps these can be mounted to frame tubes with diameters between 1" and 1-1/2". Deluxe Units only 970749 1000 series unit SlimLine Units only 970753 1200 series unit 970755 5000 series unit. Universal 970756 5500 series unit. Universal Slimline Core only 970757 1270 series core 970758 1390 series core 970749 Deluxe units only 970757 970758 Slimline core only 970753 970755 SlimLine units only 970717 JAGG, OIL FILTER ADAPTER / THERMOSTAT The 566635 oil filter adapter is optional and designed to work with front engine mounted spin-on oil filters. Provides a built-in thermostatic valve and easy access to the oil lines for fitment of an oil cooler to XL Sportsters and Big Twin Evo models (excl. Fuel injected Evo's). Adapter allows the oil to flow through the filter before entering the cooler, resulting in less restriction. 566635 84-99 Evo B.T. (excl. EFI); 04-21 XL 970717 Upgrade nut. Required for 566635 adapter when used with S&S engines JAGG OFFSET OIL FILTER ADAPTER / THERMOSTAT Offset design is required when installing an oil cooler on any TCA (Dyna, Touring) or TCB (Softail) Twin Cam model. It is optional for cooler installation on all fuel injected Evo Big Twins with engine mounted spin-on oil filters for easy access to oil lines. Adapter allows the oil to flow through the filter before entering the cooler, resulting in less restriction. 99-17 TCA/B; 95-99 EFI Evo B.T. 970733 Black. With thermostat Gasket kit 970727 Repl. gasket kit for 970733 Adapter, screw-on oil filter 921127 85-99 Evo B.T.; 99-17 Dyna; 00-21 Softail; 99-10 FLT/Tou- ring (excl. 103" models); 17-21 Touring. Repl. 26325-85/A and 26352-95A. Thermostat 970706 Repl. thermostat for 970733 Anti-rotation device Optionally available. Used to lock the 970732 or 970733 offset filter adapter se- curely into place. The anti-rotation device will prevent the offset filter adapter from rotating when the oil filter is changed. 970792 95-99 EFI Evo B.T. ; 00-17 Softail; 99-16 Touring 970792 970733 921127 Built-In Thermostat Built-In Thermostat JAGG, OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES 970744 1" cooler clamp 970745 1-1/8" cooler clamp 970746 1-1/4" cooler clamp 970734 1 3/8" cooler clamp 970748 1-1/2" cooler clamp 970719 3/8" black hoseclamps 970730 Manual operated bypass valve 970761 Automatic thermostat bypass valve 970744 970719 970730 970761 JAGG, ACCENT CHANNEL This wind channel is what is used to upgrade your Jagg oil cooler with a chrome accent. Note: Will require heat resistant silicone adhesive, which is not provided or avail- able from Motorcycle Storehouse. 970718 Fits Jagg 970753/ 970757 oil coolers. Also fits all Jagg 1250 and 2300 series coolers 970718 JAGG, MINIATURE FAN SWITCH Bi-metal operated thermostatic switch. Designed to automatically switch-on/off electric fans. 3/8 NPT threaded. Note: 970763 is stock replacement for Jagg's fan assisted oil cooler kits. 970705 180 °F (82.2 °C) 970763 190 °F (87.8 °C) 970705 970763 JAGG, BRAIDED 3/8" OIL HOSE UPGRADE KIT No matter if you want a complete oil line kit for a new cooler or need to upgrade the old shabby lines. This is a complete kit to get the job done right and make it look great. Two flies with one swat! Includes 3ft. of stainless steel silver or black braided light weight fiber, that can be trimmed for length. Hardware includes oil hose separators and two aluminum hose finishers with integrated worm-drive gear clamps. Silver Black 970793 970794 Oil hose upgrade kit 970794 970793 566635 - rear 566635 - front


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