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586010 - LOCTITE 268 RED, THREADLOCKER STICK 19GR Ihr Preis 35,36 €  

inkl.19% MwSt.
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Artikel-Nr.: 586010
Verpackungseinheit: 1
Katalogseite: 1745
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: LOCTITE / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: n/a




Stick. 19 gram. Maximum strenght (38Nm on M10) thread locker for studs and bolts that do not require disassembly. Seals threads. Up to 150°C. Disassembly with heat and handtools.

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1745 Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous NEW PRODUCTS ADDED WEEKLY AT MOTORCYCLESTOREHOUSE.COM OIL & CHEMICALS 19 LOCTITE THREAD LOCKERS O-RING KIT TAPE LOCTITE, 2701/271/268 RED (HIGH STRENGTH) Improved Loctite 270 and also replaces 262. Maximum strenght (38Nm on M10) thread locker for studs and bolts that do not require disassembly. Seals threads. Up to 150°C. Disassembly with heat and handtools. 586008 2701 Fluid 5cc (repl. 262 ) 586009 271 Fluid 24cc 586010 268 Stick 19 grams 586008 586010 HIGH STRENGTH PRE-ASSEMBLED LOCTITE, 290 GREEN PRE- ASSEMBLED THREAD LOCKER Low viscosity green liquid used to secure assembled set-screws and bolts M12 (1/2"). Medium to high strength (10Nm on M10) Penetrates thread by capillary action. Secures set screws after setting is completed. Seals welds and porous metals. Up to 150°C. Disassembly with heat and handtools. 290 Green (medium to high strength) 586013 290 Fluid 50cc 586013 586004 586006 586005 LOCTITE, 222 PURPLE (LOW STRENGTH) Used with small fasteners, set screws, gauges etc. Low strength (6Nm on M10). Up to 150°C. Disassembly with regular handtools. 586001 222 Fluid 10cc 586002 222 Fluid 50cc LOW STRENGTH LOCTITE, 243/248 BLUE (MEDIUM STRENGTH) Most used Loctite version. Medium strength (20Nm on M10). Universal for fasteners between 1/4" and 3/4" (6- 20mm). Up to 150°C. Disassembly with regular handtools. 586004 243 Fluid 5cc (repl 242 ) 586005 243 Fluid 24cc 586006 243 Fluid 50cc 586014 248 Stick 9 grams 586007 248 Stick 19 grams MEDIUM STRENGTH 586007 586050 LOCTITE, O-RING KIT A true DIY o-ring kit that allows you to manufacture your own o-ring on the spot, with exactly the right dimension. Includes rubber strings in 5 diameters, an o-ring cutting template (with 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 5.7mm and 8.4mm diameter holes), safety knife and 20 grams of Loctite 406 instant liquid adhesive. The connection in the O-ring will be as strong as the actual rubber. Complete in hardcase with instruction manual. 586050 O-ring kit LOCTITE 5080 TEROSON FIX & REPAIR TAPE Multi purpose adhesive tape for repairing, reinforcing, sealing and protecting parts. Can be torn easily and straight by hand. Suitable for most surfaces. Three layer technology consists of synthetic rubber adhesive, integrated fabric layer and a waterproof layer of polyethylene. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Emergency leakage stop of a 3mm hole in a pipe with 4 bar pressure for 1 hour at 22°C, covered by a single layer of Loctite Teroson 5080. Not recommended for permanent repair of leakages. 586065 5080 25m long x 25mm wide 586066 5080 50m long x 50mm wide 586065 MOTION PRO, NITRO TAPE Self fusing silicone tape. Stretches up to 300% and withstands -65°F (-54°C) up to +500°F (260°C). Insulates 8.000 volts per layer. Waterproof and UV, oil, salt and cor- rosive chemicals resistant. Easy to remove and leaves no residue. 514983 .020" ( 0.6mm) thick x 1" (25.4mm) wide x 10 foot (3 meter) long 514983 LOCTITE, 5075 RED INSULATING & SEALING WRAP Self fusing tape, no adhesives, non- sticky. UV, salt water, fuel, oil & acid resistant and insulates (dielectric strength up to 400 VP). Used to stretch & wrap around a surface. Will fuse to itself and makes a water & air tight seal. Perfect for imergency repairs. Temp. range -54°C up to 260°C. 586003 2.5cm wide x 4.27m long 586003 586001 586002 GLUE / ADHESIVE LOCTITE, 3090 2-COMPONENT ADHESIVE Transparent colorless liquid gel glue in a dual syringe. Very fast curing. Up to 50% of strength developed in two minutes on steel. Full strength in 24 hours. After full cure strength is 50%@-40°C, 100%@20°C and 40%@+120°C. Excellent bonding characteristics with up to 5mm gaps. Glues metals, plastics, rubbers, PVC, ABS and porous materials as wood, paper, leather and fabric. Advised temperature range -20°C to 80°C. 586011 3090 Gel 10 gram 586012 Replacement plastic needle tip for syringe 586011


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