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Chem Tools Acryshield Spray 400ml

681957 - Chem Tools Acryshield Spray 400ml Ihr Preis 15,40 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 681957
Verpackungseinheit: 1(Each)
Katalogseite: 18.18
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: CHEM-TOOLS / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: n/a



Chem Tools Acryshield Spray 400ml

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18.18 18 Chemicals, such as Oils and Lubricants may be subject to legal restrictions in your country related to labeling. Please check availability of those products through our Dealer Store or contact your Sales Representative. Chem Tools Motorcycle Care Products Custom-Wash Gentle formula ideal for treating the paintwork and material of high value custom bikes and cars. Extremely efficient ingredients with speci- ally selected anti-corrosive components ensure that high-gloss aluminum wheel rims, wheel fork links, brake discs and cylinders, as well as other polished surfaces, are cleaned without streaks and stains. The product reliably removes the remnants of exhausts, street dirt, brake abrasion, oil and insects. It does not produce traces of rust in socket screws, inden- tations etc., is free of acids and hence gentle to surfaces and materials. It dries without traces and leaves a shiny surface. 681959 Custom-Wash- 1L bottle with spray head Is an acrylic sealing agent for all vehicle surfaces incl. glass, instrument boards, leather, chrome as well as shiny and mat plastic. It is particularly recommended for cleaning plastic windscreens on motorcycles, mobile homes etc. and removes water stains, streaks and residues of wax, e.g. from new vehicles. It protects for months, gives an anti-static effect to the paint work, and a smooth and hard surface which again avoids scratches caused by the car wash etc. 681957 Acrylshield spray 400ml abrasive free formula for already perfect surfaces 681958 Acrylshield S 500ml bottle with micro abrasives to handle mild scratches Metal-Clean The polishing cream for cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of metals and plastics as well as polyester, ceramics, glass, Resopal, porcelain, enamels, chrome, copper, stainless steel, silver, nickel, brass etc. It works without ammonium chloride and is free of acids. It contains silicon and mildly perfumed solvents. Conserves surfaces and protects them against corrosion, prevents oxidation and tarnishing of metals, protects against water stains and finger prints. Metal surfaces obtain a high polish without film and a coating which protects them from tarnishing. This positive effect is increased with each application. Water drops pearl off and dust is not bonded to the material. Removes chalk and rust residues from enamels and ceramics, removes residues of nicotine, insect-dirt and black streaks caused by shoe heels. It is very suitable for polishing very dirty or slightly corroded aluminium wheel rims and for removing resi- dues from polyester boats as well as chrome fittings. Removes rust on stainless steel in the vicinity of coasts and industrial sites. 681961 Metal-Clean 250ml tube Leather Cream Impressive Leather Care for intensive regenera- tion. Through its highly concentrated formula- tion of Californian Jojoba wax, enriched with vitamin rich plant extracts, protective balm, beeswax and oils, our leather cream revitalises your leather giving it a new lease of life. The purifying properties work without changing the desired patina and generate an intense, refreshing, and valuable long-lasting preser- vation to protect against severe wear and UV rays. Simply massage the cream into the leather using a very clean bright cloth that ide- ally is solely used for this application. It dries quickly and produces no discoloration. Please apply it sparingly on seats with integrated hea- ter. For heavier soiling, we recommend pre-cle- aning with Chem-Tools Cleaning Foam. 656090 Leather cream Wheel Wash Energized rim cleaner without aggressive ingredients. The innovative and sophisticated composition reliably dissolves brake dust, removes oxidation attacks and heavily encrus- ted grime without damaging your rims or tires. Wheel Wash is suitable for all types of rims and materials! Spray the undiluted gel con- centrate, evenly and away from direct sunlight onto the cold rim. During the reaction period of 3 – 4 minutes the components change their color to a reddish, dark violet hue. For heavier stains, use a sponge or rim brush and extend the reaction period to 5 – 8 minutes. Upon conclusion rinse the rim off intensively. We recommend an additional sealing with Chem- Tools Acryshield for a sustainable protection. For reasons of environmental protection we have not added a strong perfume for masking the odor of our tensides. 656091 Wheel wash Cleaning Foam Ultra Strong foam cleaning without water. Cleaning Foam powers its way into the surface and activates a tailored mixture of optimized substances to dissolve the dirt and transport it to the outside. You can achieve the maximum cleaning effect without complex water mixtu- res and can remove sealants, oil, grease, dirt and stubborn stains such as Nicotine, Coffee soot or unsightly discolorations. Shake the can and spray it onto the surface (e.g. glass, carpet, leather, plastic, etc.). After a short exposure time clean it with a cloth by removing the resi- dual foam. To prevent the risk of discoloration on artificially colored materials, we recom- mend a surface test before use. 656092 Cleaning Foam


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