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Loctite Blue Threadlocker Stick Medium Strength - 19gr

690043 - Loctite Blue Threadlocker Stick Medium Strength - 19gr Ihr Preis 33,25 €  

inkl.19% MwSt.
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Artikel-Nr.: 690043
Verpackungseinheit: 1(Each)
Katalogseite: 18.21
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: LOCTITE / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: n/a



Loctite Blue Threadlocker Stick Medium Strength - 19gr

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18.21 for more details check www.custom-chrome-europe.com LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS APPAREL HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS Simichrome Polish Actually a fine cream paste of jeweler’s rouge, used by metal craftsmen for years to polish jewelry fittings and fine metals. Very low abra- sion, yet effective against oxidation, road tar, and stubborn water stains on aluminum and all other metals. 3951008 1.76 oz. tube(sold each) Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish Nevr-Dull is chemically-impregnated cotton wadding made by a special process. Cleans and polishes by the combination of special ingredi- ents. Just tear off a wad of Nevr-Dull and rub slowly over the surface to be cleaned, then take a clean dry cloth and gently buff. Your metal surfaces will shine like never before. Removes rust and tar while leaving a high lus- ter and protective film on chrome, aluminum, brass and other surfaces. Sold each. 35130 5 ounce can Loctite Blue Stick Threadlocker – Medium Strength This medium strength anaerobic threadlocker offers the same locking strength and sealing capabilities as our traditional blue thread- locking liquid, Loctite Threadlocker 242. This wax-like stick is conveniently packaged in a self-feeding stick applicator. Well-suited for difficult repairs, as in overhead applications. It can be applied to a part even if assembly is to take place at a later time, making the stick ideal for volume assembly. Removable with hand tools. 690043 19 g stick Loctite Red Stick Threadlocker – High Strength With the same convenient packaging as the medium strength Loctite Blue Stick Threadlocker, this high strength threadlocker is better suited for heavy duty applications where resistance to heavy shock, vibration, and stress levels is required. Localized heating and hand tools are required to separate parts. 690054 19 g stick LoctiteThread Sealant PSTStick – High Performance The Loctite Thread Sealant PST Stick is a single component, semi-solid anaerobic pipe sealant compound. The self-feeding applicator stick facilitates application of the material where a conventional liquid or paste would be difficult to use. Loctite Thread Sealant PST Stick cures rapidly to provide immediate low pressure sealing. The controlled lubricity prevents galling and protects mated threaded areas from rust and corrosion and eases disassembly. Recommended for sealing metal tapered pipe threads and fittings in automotive applica- tions. 690062 19 g stick


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