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696659 - Motor Factory CHROME POLISH Ihr Preis 9,45 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 696659
Verpackungseinheit: 1(Each)
Katalogseite: 18.12
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: Motor Factory / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: n/a



250ml bottle

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18.12 18 Chemicals, such as Oils and Lubricants may be subject to legal restrictions in your country related to labeling. Please check availability of those products through our Dealer Store or contact your Sales Representative. OptiGlanz Cleaner For Stainless Steel Surfaces The best you can get for cleaning stainless steel rims, exhausts or other items made of stainless steel. Just spray on and wait 1-5 minutes and wash it off with clear water. To add shine you can help with a fine sponge to optimate the result. It's a must to wear proper safety gloves, protecting goggles and clothing because of the acid contents. If contact with eyes or skin use clear water to wash out and contact a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. Please do not use in closed rooms. Product info: OptiGlanz cleaner is a high intensity cleaner for all stainless steel surfac- es and does (under normal circumstances) not harm paint, chrome, rub- ber or plastic. To protect your bike use it on a hidden place first. Do not spray on hot surfaces! Biologically degradably, do not stock over 35°C. 681510 Pump Spray 250 ml CHROME POLISH Cleaner and protective polish for bare metal surfaces - especially chrome and aluminium. Application: Shake well before use. Use a cloth to apply the chrome polish evenly on the dry metal parts to be cleaned. Rub the chrome polish in, applying a suitable degree of pressure depending on the amount of dirt and polish with a soft cloth until a clean shine appears on the surface. Repeat for extremely dirty surfaces. The product contains (648/2004): 5-15% aliphatic hydrocarbons, preservation agents (Methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone) 696659 250 ml before after FOAM AIR FILTER CLEANER Fast drying cleaning fluid for all air filters made of foam and metalmesh. Not suitable for paper car- tridges! Dissolves dirt and filteroil residue quickly and reliably. For quick and simple maintenance of the filter cartridge. Particularly recommended before using the Foam AirFilter Oil.Application: Immerse the filter in the cleaner for several min- utes andrinse often to dissolve dirt. Allow to dry and then treat with the Foam AirFilter Oil.The product contains (648/2004): > 30 % aliphatic hydrocarbons 696658 1,5 L can CHAIN CLEANER Special product effective for external cleaning and degreasing your chain. - Suitable for all motorcy- cle chains with O, X and Z rings. - Dissolves and removes oil, grease and heavy dirt automatically. After cleaning, we recommend using chain spray. Application: Spray on chain cleaner. Use a clean- ing brush for chains with heavy dirt. Collect dirt and cleaning residue with a collecting tray and dispose of properly. 696655 400 ml spray can CHAIN SPRAY Fully synthetic special grease for chains,bowden cables and articulated joints.- Suitable for all motorcycle chains with O,X and Z rings.- High degree of chain visibility during the application.- High degree of wear protection and spin-off resistance due to excellentadhesive strength.- Extreme resilance due to very high temperature stabilty and high degree of exposure to pressure. The chain spray contributes to a longer service life for chains, bowden cables and articulated con- nections.The chain must be free of any residues before using the chain spray. We recommend using chain cleaner. Application: Shake can before use, spray evenlyon the chain and allow to venti- late for at least 15minutes.Do not spray on tyres, breaks and paint surfaces. 696651 400 ml spray can FOAM AIR FILTER OIL Special oil for treating motorcycle intake air filters made of foam for effective dirt removal. Application: Shake before use. Apply the Foam Air Filter Oil on the surface of the new or cleaned foam air filter and leave for a short time to take effect. Afterwards, carefully press the foam air filter several times.Let the filter dry for around 15 minutes. Observe the instructions of the filter manufacturer. 696657 1,5 L can


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