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Rebuffini, Old Style Two handlebar grips. Black/Brass

549123 - Rebuffini, Old Style Two handlebar grips. Black/Brass Ihr Preis 198,06 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 549123
Verpackungseinheit: PR
Katalogseite: 1611
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: REBUFFINI / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: n/a



Rebuffini, Old Style Two handlebar grips. Black/Brass

Manufactured from a combination of black anodized aluminum and polished brass. With a 'pyramidal rubber' surface to insure the perfect grip in any circumstance.

Fits: 74-21 H-D with single or dual throttle cables (excl. Street)

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GRIPS 17 1611 Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous NEW PRODUCTS ADDED WEEKLY AT MOTORCYCLESTOREHOUSE.COM REBUFFINI, OLDSTYLE HANDLEBAR GRIP SET Manufactured from a combination of black anodized aluminum and polished brass. With a 'pyramidal rubber' surface to insure the perfect grip in any circumstance. 74-21 H-D with single or dual throttle cables (excl. Street) 549122 Old Style One 549123 Old Style Two 549123 REBUFFINI, HANDLEBAR GRIP SET CNC machined from solid Swiss billet aluminum. The outside diameter is just 33mm, offering an ergonomic grip for all. Quality is high-end with unmistakable Italian design. The special silicone rubber inlay provides excellent non-tacky comfort and is hypoallergenic, stain-resistant and seamless. In a chrome or black anodized finish. Note: Highlighted engraved lettering on black anodized Delta and Febe grips only. The Sigma comes with an integrated mirror. 74-21 H-D with single or dual throttle cables (excl. Street) Chr. Black 546813 546812 Omega 546816 546815 Delta 546909 546907 Febe 546915 546913 Rea Chr. Black 546924 546922 Sigma (mirror) 546925 546927 Mimas 546930 546928 Ida 08-21 H-D with e-throttle (excl. 18-21 FLTRXSE) Chr. Black 546921 546919 Omega 546906 546904 Delta 546912 546910 Febe 546918 546916 Rea 549122 546812 546815 OMEGA DELTA 546915 546924 546909 FEBE REA SIGMA 546925 546928 MIMAS IDA Brass and copper com- ponents may show color variations due to production processes and/or metal per- centages used in the alloys. Note Differences in grip model years Pre-74 years H-D used internal throttle for some models. Both le ft and right side grip have the same 1" internal diameter. 74-80 years Comes with a single throttle cable. The inner plastic t hrottle sleeve has just one connection for one cable. The left side grip is i dentical to the pre-74 model, but the right side grip is larger since it has to fit over the plastic throttle sleeve that rotates around the handlebar. 81-95 years H-D changed to a dual cable set-up for safety. R ubber grips remain identical to 74-80 but the plastic throttle sleeve now has two connections and the throttle clamp comes with two holes, with different threads, for the throttle and idle cable. The 81-95 throttle set- up can be retrofitted to 74-80 single cable applications, but 74-80 thrott le cable has different thread (1/4-20) than 81-95 throttle cable (5/16-18). The 81-95 idle cable comes with 1/4-20 thread. 96-21 years (cable operated) A dual cable set-up, but both cables are connected with an e-clip to the throttle clamp. The 74-95 rubber grips will fit but l eft side grip may not close the gap of the 96-21 handlebar clamp perfect ly. The stock left side 96-21 rubber grip is elongated and fits partially into t he left side handlebar clamp. Right side grip is identical to 74-81 and 82 -95 years. The 96-21 cable operated throttle sleeve remains identical to 8 2-95 models. 08-21 years (e-throttle) In 2008 The Factory introduced electronic throttle (fly-by -wire), or 'e-throttle' as we call this system in our catalog. All 74-21 designat ed grips, without cable end attachments, will fit. However, the OEM rubber can not be separated from the stock plastic throttle sleeve because it is a one-pie ce molded part. When you have a grip without internal sleeve, it is required to additionally order a new plastic e-throttle sleeve only, for 08-21 model yea rs, like MCS 514714. tech-tip 22


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