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Artikel-Nr.: 935086
Verpackungseinheit: 1
Katalogseite: 1672
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: Barnett / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: 56502-54





Fits: 53-73 FL; 71-73 FX; 57-73 XL(NU)

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HANDLEBAR CONTROLS & CABLES 17 1672 Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous S&S 81-21 B.T. - DUAL PULL/PUSH CABLES 96-21 style throttle E/G carb must be equipped with the long style S&S cable bracket (MCS 977895) . 505013 36" Pull 505014 36" Push 505016 39" Pull 505017 39" Push 505018 42" Pull 505019 42" Push 531459 48" Pull 531463 48" Push 81-95 style throttle E/G carb must be equipped with the short style S&S cable bracket (MCS 977874) . 531457 36" Pull 531460 36" Push 531464 39" Pull 531461 39" Push 531505 42" Pull 531538 42" Push 531458 48" Pull 531462 48" Push 977895 977874 S&S, THROTTLE CABLES FOR SUPER E/G CARBS Both 81-95 and 96-21 model years S&S throttle cables are made to fit OEM Keihin butterfly carburetors, these will work also with S&S Super E/G carburetors. Cables will not fit cruise control. All cables have a cable elbow with a 90° bend. Note: Super E carb kits for 04-06 XL will work with OEM CV throttle cables. Pivot Pin Lubrication Clutch and brake cables often break close to the pivot pin on the handlebar lever. Make sure the pivot pin will actually rotate inside the clutch/brake lever when you pull the lever. If not, lubricate the pivot pin by using only a single drop of oil so it will turn freely inside the clutch or brake lever. This way the cable will not bend each time you pull your clutch / brake and inner cable life is increased. It is still a good idea to periodically change the throttle, clutch and brake cables to help ensure a trouble free ride. tech-tip 112 Safety note S&S E&G carburetors For any pre-80 H-D model, using the stock single cable throttle design, it is advised, for safety re- asons, to change to the 81-up dual cable set-up. This means you must use a 81-95 or 96-20 style throttle assembly so you will be able to install the dual throttle cables. Note 531457 531460 BARNETT, BRAKE CABLES Replacement brake cables for Big Twin and XL Sportster models. Rear Black Braided 570039 570246 75-76 XL. Repl. 38634-75T 570040 570247 77-78 XL. Repl. 38634-76T Front Black 570319 -- 52-72 K, XL and 49-71 FL. Repl. 45060-54 570329 -- +6" o.s. 52-72 K, XL; 49-71 FL 570039 570041 THROTTLE / IGNITION SPARK CONTROL CABLES Barnett Fits 53-73 FL, 71-73 FX and 57-73 XL models that use the oem style hidden (through the handlebar) throttle/ ignition cable. 935084 Inner steel wire. 66" long. Repl. 56377-65 935086 Outer cable assembly. Repl. 56502-54 Non-Barnett Early models. Outer cable assembly Replacement outer throttle/ignition cable assemblies, or in custom internal throttle applications. 140/150cm long. Cut to length required. Outer cables are identical, difference is found in the model year specific cotton weave or nickel plated cover material. The black plastic material is a low-cost option. 971635 Throttle/ignition assembly. 32-48 B.T., WL models, plastic. Repl. 3334-32, 56502-32 971636 Throttle/Ignition assembly. 32-48 B.T., WL models, cotton weave. Repl. 3334-32, 56502-32 971637 Throttle/Ignition assembly, 12-36 H-D as reproduction, nickle plated. Repl. 3334-12 971638 Ignition. All models. Repl. 3338-32 Early models. Inner steel throttle/ignition cable Replacement inner steel wire. Used for throttle and ignition. With installed fitting on one end for installation inside handlebar. Available in one size only, 150cm. Cut to length required. Note: Will also fit 48-65 Panhead but fitting end must be modified. 971659 32-48 B.T., WL 971636 971637 971659 Inner cable Barnett Replacement steel inner brake & clutch cable for Servicar, XL and Hydra Glide. With .250" stainless fitting on one end. Trim to fit. Repl. 38629-52, 45235-53 and 38630-52. 570041 62" long Non-Barnett Inner steel brake / clutch control wire. Fits 28-50 45" SV as front brake and 30-40 45" SV with hand clutch. 970432 150cm long. Repl. 4145-28 / 45153-28 970433 200cm 970434 250cm


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