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CCE Handlebar Damper Kit Chrome

26152 - CCE Handlebar Damper Kit Chrome Ihr Preis 11,76 €  

inkl.19% MwSt.
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Artikel-Nr.: 26152
Verpackungseinheit: 1(Kit)
Katalogseite: 4.55
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: Custom Chrome Europe / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 56157-85T



Handlebar Damper Kit

Fits: 73-84 FX Shovel, 73-03 Sportster, 91-17 Dyna, 84-17 Softail, except 88-03 FXSTS, 95-97 FXSTSB, 97-03 FLSTS, 01-03 FLSTSI, 01-02, 04-06 FXSTSI, 05-06 FLSTSCI, 07 FLSTSC, 07 FXSTSSE, 08-11 FLSTSB, 08 FXSTSSE2, 09 FXSTSSE3, 11-12 FXS, 13 FXS 103, 89-94 FXR

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4.55 for more details check www.custom-chrome-europe.com HAND CONTROLS APPAREL HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS Solid-Mount Handlebar Kits Kits eliminate rubber-mounted handlebars and fit aluminum or steel fork crowns. Easy to install and highly recommended when install- ing high bars and/or risers. 14921 Fits all Big Twin and Sportster models from 73-17 with rubber handlebar bushings 14922 Fits all Big Twin and Sportster models thru 72 with steel press-fit bushings (shown) Polyurethane Damper Bushings These handlebar riser bushings by Ride-One are 28% stiffer than stock style rubber bushings. The polyurethane material provides a firm feel and holds up well under ozone exposure and vibration dampening to help assure a safe, com- fortable ride. Fits all models from 73-17 (except ‘Touring’ models). 110088 Pack of 4 bushings Heavy-Duty Polyurethane Handlebar Damper Kit If it's time to upgrade your handlebars, don't forget to replace the dampers. Polyurethane bushings provide excellent vibration damping while providing superior deflection resistance for much improved steering feel, 28% stiff- er. Includes thick chrome washers and steel sleeves Fits most models from 73-17. 42900 Red (repl. OEM 56157-85T) 42901 Black (repl. OEM 56157-85T) Chrome Handlebar Damper Kit Kit includes chrome-plated cup washers (made from 16 gauge heat-treated steel) rubber bush- ings and spacers. Fits models with threaded risers from 73-17. 26152 Replaces OEM 56157-85T Polyurethane Handlebar Damper Kit by Arlen Ness Polyurethane bushings have excellent vibration damping without the mushy feel of rubber dampers. Includes inner sleeves and chrome washers. 05846 Complete kit, Fits 73-18 Sportster, 73-84 FX Shovel, 82-94 FXR, 91-17 Dyna (except 04-10 Sportster, Springer, Deuce) 631512 Fits all FLT/FLHT models from 84-18 Chrome Handlebar Damper Kit Perfect for repairing worn-out bushings or when installing new front ends. Includes four rubber bushings with chrome cup washers and two 1/2"-13 studs with chrome nylon-inserted lock nuts. 10043 Fits all models with threaded risers from 73-17 (except Touring and Deuce models) Heavy-Duty Handlebar Damper Bushing Kit Helps eliminate flexing when using heavy or high handlebars. This kit features transparent Polyurethane damper bushings & one-piece Chrome caps & inserts that work/look better than the old style bushing kits. For use in Custom applications and most models 73-17, except Springer models. 632940 Handlebar Damper Bushing Kit for most models from 73-17 (except Touring and Springer models) 643232 Handlebar Damper Bushing Kit for 83-Up Touring models (except Trike models) Ness-Tech Flush Mount Polyurethane Handlebar Dampener Kits • Clean flush mount design • Beautifully polished 303 stainless steel cus- tom washers • Soft durameter urethane bushing absorbs vibration • Available with fine or coarse sockethead hardware • Fits 73-18 Sportster, 73-84 FX Shovel, 82-94 FXR, 91-17 Dyna (except 04-10 Sportster, Springer, Deuce) 648303 Kit for coarse thread applications 648304 Kit for fine thread applications Handlebar Adapter Kit for Deuce Models by Wild 1, Inc. Adapters fill in the recesses on Deuce model triple trees to mount most custom risers and bars with built in risers. Precision machined from steel and show chrome-plated. Sold in pairs. 10172 Fits all Deuce models from 00-16


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