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Jammer Riser Stud Hole Kit for Dogbone Riser Stud Hole Kit

632223 - Jammer Riser Stud Hole Kit for Dogbone Riser Stud Hole Kit Ihr Preis 73,00 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 632223
Verpackungseinheit: 1(Each)
Katalogseite: 4.54
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: Jammer Cycle Products / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: n/a



Riser Stud Hole Kit for Dogbone

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4.54 4 632222 632223 Jammer Dog Bone Inline Triple Clamp Just what you need to use with our Dog Bone risers to mount 1” handlebars to our springers that use an “inline” triple clamp. A very retro, very cool look! A stud kit is also available to thread into the unused riser stud holes on springers when using dog bone risers. A trick little idea that really cleans things up! Made in USA by Paughco. 632222 Dog Bone inline triple clamp (with ears) 632223 Kit for riser stud holes when using dog bone risers 632233 T-Bar Clamp by Paughco This clamp is for use in mounting T-bar hand- lebars with built in risers to springers. A cool idea from Ron & gang at Paughco! A mounting hardware kit is also available. Made in USA. 632233 Mounting hardware kit for CC #632232 LSL Superbike Kit with TÜVfor Buell XB9/ XB12 Models Superbike conversion kit with aluminum upper triple tree, brake line and all required hardware for installation. Improved handling and a better riding position (in conjunc- tion with LSL Super-bike handlebar) is the result. Handlebar is not included. 687634 Superbike conversion kit LSL Steering Dampener with TÜV for Buell XB9/XB12 Models High-quality steering dampener made in Germany by LSL. Adjustable in 7 steps with eloxated aluminum housing. Includes mounting kit. 687635 Steering dampener kit 02-04 682819 Steering dampener kit 05-10 Handlebar adapter sleeves for 1 1/4” Risers These adapter sleeves allow you to run any 1” diameter handlebars on your OEM 1 1/4” risers found on all 07-17 Fatboy, Dyna Wide Glide and Some Screaming Eagle mod- els and are available in either a chrome-plated or black finish. Sold as a set. 605782 Chrome 605783 Black 605783 605782 Handlebar Control Adapter Sleeves by Joker Machine These adapters allow you to use 1” handlebar controls on a 7/8” 22mm handlebar. Great for Renthal or Pro Taper bars or any other bar you can’t find in 1” diameter. Sold in pairs. 683576 Adapter sleeves Flush Mount Damper Kit 893848 Solid mount, stainless steel 39mm Solid Riser Bushings • Replace the stock rubber bus- hings and washers • Ideal for those who want solid-mounted handlebars or for use with tall handlebars for added rigidity and stability • Counterbore on the underside for a flush mount 895117 Raw aluminum 895118 Black anodized alu- minum 895117 895118 PM American Cycles Weld-In Housing For motogadget mini Speedo 990090 Weld-in steel bracket fits all Cruiser models 09-15 681475 Motoscope Mini Black 681476 Motoscope Mini POLISHED


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