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GZP Carburetor repair kit Bendix

012615 - GZP Carburetor repair kit Bendix Your Price 40,32 €  

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Article-No.: 012615
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 06-014
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 27132-71


Part Description:

Carburetor rebuild kit

Catalog Text:

Complete rebuild kit with accelerator pump. Fits all Bendix carburetors 1971 to 1975. Idle screw not included (OEM 27132-71).

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06-014 HELMETS & AUDIO PRIMARY & CLUTCH CONTROL CABLES & HYDRAULIC LINES OIL, OIL FILTERS & OIL COOLERS SEAT TRANSMISSION FOOT CONTROLS HARDWARE EXHAUST GASKET & SEALS FRONT FORKS WINDSHIELD ELECTRIC & LIGHT FINAL DRIVE FRAME & REAR SUSPENSION LUGGAGE ENGINE ELECTRICS WHEELS & TIRES FENDER & STRUTS TOOLS & CHEMICALS INTAKE BRAKE GAS & OIL TANK TECH TIPS & CROSS REF OEM>ZPN ENGINE HANDLEBAR, HAND CONTROLS & MIRRORS GAUGES & DASHES ALPHABETICAL INDEX 747512 Kit with diaphragm (OEM 27361-76, S&S 11-2282), spring (OEM 27362-76, S&S 11-2275) and rubber boot (OEM 27311-76, S&S 11-2266) 747516 Rubber boot, accelerator rod, dealer 10-pack (OEM 27362-76) Keihin butterfly and Keihin CV carburetors share the same design accelerator pump. 1641 ACCELERATOR PUMP PARTS & REBUILD KITS 012615 Carburetor rebuild kit Complete rebuild kit with accelerator pump. Fits all Bendix carburetors 1971 to 1975. Idle screw not included (OEM 27132-71). 1639 BENDIX CARBURETOR REBUILD KIT 747549 Air/fuel mixture screw for Keihin Butterfly carburetor The air/fuel mixture screw is normally plugged off at the factory to prevent for tampering. You won't even find it in a Harley parts catalog. This one fits the Keihin Butterfly carburetor on all 1976 thru 1984 Shovelhead, 1984 thru 1989 Evolution Big Twin, and 1976 thru 1987 Sportster. 1635 KEIHIN BUTTERFLY AIR/FUEL MIXTURE SCREW 231519 Main jet kit This kit establishes full adjustability for the Bendix-and-Zenith carburetor main and idle circuits and frees the engine tuner from the need to stock several of the expensive and difficult-to-locate Bendix carburetor fixed size main jets. Note: You must have the obsolete special purpose 9/32" x 32 thread tap which is necessary to clear the thread in the carburetor for installation of the kit. 1634 ADJUSTABLE MAINJET KIT FOR BENDIX & ZENITH CARBURETORS 747514 Float needle, 1976-1977 Keihin Butterfly, 10-pack (OEM 27337-76) 747515 Float needle, 1978-2006 Keihin Butterfly & CV, 10-pack (OEM 27886-78) 28041 FLOAT NEEDLE FOR KEIHIN CARBURETORS 747491 Kit with standard O-rings The most complete rebuild kits available, containing 17 pieces, including carburetor to air filter gasket, carburetor to manifold gaskets and O-rings in standard material (OEM 27006-76). 1633 REBUILD KIT FOR KEIHIN "BUTTERFLY" CARBURETOR 780238 Cad plated fuel hose adaptor For those who want to change from the stock rigid fuel lines to 1/4" or 5/16" inner diameter rubber fuel hoses we have this trick cad plated hose adapter available. Fits fuel filters on 1939 thru 1949 Linkert carburetors, right side gas tanks on 1940 thru 1965 models and the fuel valve bottom seat on 1940 thru 1949 models. 1632 CUSTOM FUEL HOSE ADAPTERS FOR 19391965 MODELS 760654 Gasket kit for Linkert carburetor onW, WL, G, K, KH, FL and FLH models Convenient kit with all gaskets and seals for Linkert carburetors as used on 45CI, early Sportster and early Big Twin models. 1631 JAMES GASKET AND SEAL KIT FOR LINKERT 789564 Tool kit for Linkert carburetors Linkert tool kit includes six special drill pivots with brass knurled handles, an idle shot tool, and a venturi tool for use on all years brass Linkert carburetor bodies. Drill bit sizes include #55 (1.3mm), #53 (1.5mm), #56 (1.2mm), #42 (2.3mm) and #72 (0.6mm). The #55 drill bit is used by two different length handles. Slot tool blade sizes include .017" and .009" for all carburetors. The 1 3/16" collar is used for M-4, ll, 16, and 18 carburetors. The 1 3/8" collar is used for M-2, 5, 6, 21, 31, 41, 41L, 42, 51, 51L, 52, 54, 54B, 55, 58, 64, 84, 88, 90, 97, 341, 343, 344, 350, 352, and 641 carburetors. The 1 9/16" collar is used for M-35, 35T, 35TP, 36, 36A, 45, 45A, 61, 61B, 74, and 74B carburetors. Note that drills and tool blades are for hand use only. The use of an arbor or hydraulic press is recommended. 28037 LINKERT TOOL KIT 788701 Throttle cable bracket, 1937-1957 Flathead Big Twin, white plated, Samwel (OEM 3371-37, 56604-37) 788912 Carburetor control coil clip, 1949-1957 45CI Solo & Servicar. Also used as timer wire clip on 1961-1964 Servicar, white plated, Colony (OEM 9959, 56616-49) 788918 Throttle cable bracket and clamp, 1972-1973 XLH & XLCH, parkerized, Colony (OEM 38679-72 & 27449-72) 788922 Throttle cable bracket, 1948 Panhead, parkerized, Colony (OEM 3371-48, 56604-48) 788925 Throttle cable bracket, 1949-1953 Panhead, parkerized, Colony (OEM 56605-49, 56608-49) 788931 Throttle cable bracket, 1936-1947 Knucklehead and 1948 Panhead, parkerized, Colo- ny ( OEM 3371-36, 56604-36) 788932 Throttle cable bracket, 1937-1947 Knucklehead and 1948 Panhead, parkerized, Colony (OEM 3371-37, 56604-37) 788933 Throttle or spark cable bracket, 1930-1945 Knucklehead, parkerized, Colony (OEM 4162-30, 9967) Accurate reproductions of brackets and clamps are the icing on the cake for restauration projects. 28209 THROTTLE CONTROL CABLE CLIPS & BRACKETS FOR VINTAGE MODELS 750048 Fits 1998 thru 1999 Evolution Big Twins and 1999 to present Twin Cam models S&S has developed a cruise control cable adapter kit that make any Super E or G carburetor work with the stock Harley-Da- vidson cruise control. The kit comes with full instructions, and can be installed by any competent mechanic. 1623 S&S CRUISE CONTROL KIT ,Ȧ7ș.ȝ CARBURETOR PARTS (Site 344)


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