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Pivot pin with clip

051200 - Pivot pin with clip Your Price 2,45 €  

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NOTE: The images shown are for reference only, the actual product may differ.
Therefore please always read the description or read on the corresponding catalog page.
Article-No.: 051200
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 14-049
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 45031-65



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one Site back 14-049 25 CROSSREF ZPN>PAGE 24 TECHTIPS& CROSSREF >ZPN 26 ALPHABETICAL INDEX 01 HELMETS, LUGGAGE, AUDIO&MORE 05 ENGINE ELECTRICS 09 TRANSMISSION 13 FOOT CONTROL 17 FENDER &STRUTS 21 MIRROR 03 EXHAUST 07 ENGINE 11 WHEELS& TIRE 15 FRONT SUSPENSION 19 OILTANK,FILTER &LINE 23 OIL,CHEMICALS &TOOLS 02 SEAT 06 INTAKE 10 FINALDRIVE 14 HANDLEBAR 18 GASTANK& INSTRUMENT 22 WINDSHIELD 04 ELECTRIC &LIGHT 08 PRIMARY 12 BRAKE 16 CHASSIS/ FRAME &SHOCKS 20 FASTENERS CHROME PLATED "STEALTH STYLE" CLUTCH & BRAKE LEVERS These chrome die-cast levers will add the finishing touch to your 1982 thru 1995 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. They are sold separately. Clutch lever comes with anti-rattle clip and lever pivot bushings. 053037 Clutch lever (OEM 45062-82T) 053045 Brake lever (OEM 45064-82T) 238904 Circlip only, dealer 10-pack (OEM 11143) Tri-hole style 053818 [C.]Chrome 053819 [C.]Black (OEM 36700004) Vortex style 053816 [B.]Chrome (OEM 38853-08) 053817 [B.]Black Stock replacement 053814 [A.]Chrome (OEM 38843-08) 053815 [A.]Black (OEM 38845-08) HANDLEBAR LEVERS FOR TOURING These replacement levers fit all 2008 thru 2013 Touring and Trike models and all 2014 to present FLHR and FLHRC models with cable operated clutch come in 3 distinct styles: Stock replacement, Vortex style with a single, large cut-out and Tri-hole with three smaller cut-outs. Available in chrome or black finish. Sold as sets. Fits brake and clutch levers on all 1982 to present models 051201 Set of 1 pivot pin and 1 circlip, dealer 10-pack (OEM 45032-82 + 11143) 754300 Set of 1 pivot pin and 1 circlip (OEM 45032-82 + 11143) Fits clutch lever on 1965-1981 Sportster & 1968-1981 Big Twin. Also fits brake lever on 1965-1972 Sportster, 1968-1971 FL and 1971-1972 FX 053015 Set of 1 pivot pin and 2 nylon bushing (OEM 45036-68 & 45039-68) BRAKE & CLUTCH LEVER PIVOT PINS Clutch and brake lever pivot pin. CLUTCH CABLE PIVOT PIN BUSHING Stock replacement nylon pivot bushing for the pivot pin that holds the clutch cable in the clutch lever. Fits most 1992-2017 models. 789901 Clutch cable pivot pin bushing, dealer 10-pack (OEM 45423-92) PIVOT PIN WITH CLIP Replacement pin and clip for our lever assembly. Fits most models 1965 thru 1987. (OEM 45031-65 & 11036) 051200 Pivot pin with clip Brake lever (OEM 45064-82T) 053026 Chrome plated 053028 Polished Clutch lever (OEM 45062-82T) 053027 Chrome plated 053041 Polished LATE MODEL LEVER BLADES Solid, strong aluminum lever blades. These "Easy to Pull" replacement levers fit all Harley models 1982 thru 1992. Available your choice of chrome plated aluminum or polished aluminum. REPLACEMENT NYLON PIN Replacement nylon pin eyelet style for 1988 to present models. 114540 Nylon pin for eyelet style cable (OEM 45036-88) Fits 1968-1972 FL and 1971-1972 FX models 758577 Clutch lever assembly, polished aluminum (OEM 38609-68) 758578 Clutch lever assembly, chrome (OEM 38609-68) 1968 1972 BIG TWIN CLUTCH LEVER ASSEMBLY OEM style clutch lever with bracket (OEM 38608-68), clamp (OEM 45030-65A), cable anchor pin (OEM 45036-68) and plastic anchor pin bushings (OEM 45039-68). POWER LEVER BLADES FOR EARLY MODELS Chrome plated levers with power leverage design and comfort grip. Fits Harley models 1965 thru 1981. 053018 Clutch and drum brake lever (OEM 45017-69T) 053017 Disc brake lever (OEM 45016-73T) 1965 1981 STYLE LEVER BLADES Chrome plated replacement levers for Harley-Davidson FL models 1965-1981, XL models 1965-1981 and FX models 1971-1981. 053019 Lever for clutch or drum brake (OEM 45024-65A, 45080-83T) 053020 Lever for disc brake (OEM 45016-72, 45082-83T) SHOW CHROMED LEVER ASSEMBLY Available with or without cable adjuster. Can be used as clutch lever, also usable as brake lever for cable operated front brakes. Fits 1" handlebars, will also fit 7/8" handlebars when reducer sleeves are used (ZPN242000). 053023 Lever assy with 5/16" cable hole, fits FL 1965 thru 1967 (OEM 45002-65A) 053032 Lever assy with 3/8" cable hole, fits Sportster 1965 thru 1970 (OEM 38604-65A) 053042 Lever assy with cable adjuster LEVER BLADES H�N�L�B�R ( Site 1007 )


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