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CARPENTERS WOODEN HANDLEBAR GRIPS Sleeve for dual throttle cable, white (OEM 56220-81B without grip)

052030 - CARPENTERS WOODEN HANDLEBAR GRIPS  Sleeve for dual throttle cable, white (OEM 56220-81B without grip) Your Price 4,72 €  

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Article-No.: 052030
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 14-038
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: n/a



Sleeve for dual throttle cable, white (OEM 56220-81B without grip)

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01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 14-038 REPLACEMENT GRIP SET Replacement gripset for all Harley models 1973 to present (OEM 56205-62A). 052038 Replacement grip set 782191 Fits all 2016 to present models with electronic throttle (OEM 32700050) 782190 Fits all 2008-2015 models with electronic throttle (OEM 32305-08A) THROTTLE BY WIRE ASSEMBLIES Stock replacement throttle by wire assemblies come with installed wires and connectors, ready to install. ODI FUSION ALLOY THROTTLE SLEEVE These durable hard anodized black throttle sleeves feature an integrated Teflon sleeve for improved throttle pull and return. 782902 Throttle sleeve for Harley-Davidson models with cable operated throttle and 1" (25.4mm) handlebar controls 782903 Throttle sleeve for Harley-Davidson models with Throttle-By-Wire 782904 Throttle sleeve for 2018 to present Indian models with Throttle have a matching twistgrip style internal clutch control kit. You will have to cut your handlebar and drill and tap 3 holes to install. Works with Custommade clutch cables. The inner grip rolls on two needle bearings, whilst the plunger features a very small roller bearing, all in order to get a very smooth operation. Has 1" (25.4mm) outer diameter and will accept stock size grips. 052019 Twistgrip style internal clutch control kit 057096 Replacement bearing kit THROTTLE SLEEVES This is something you won't find in a Harley parts catalog. Throttle sleeves for use with single throttle cable as found on most models 1974 thru 1980, or, what is commonly known as "dual throttle" but in fact for throttle and return (idle) cable as found on most models 1981 to present, as well as a sleeve models with Fly-By-Wire throttle control, such as all 2008 to present Touring, selected Softail CVO models, and all 2016 to present Softail. 052032 Sleeve for single throttle cable, white (OEM 56220-74 without grip) 052033 Sleeve for single throttle cable, black (OEM 56220-74 without grip) 052030 Sleeve for dual throttle cable, white (OEM 56220-81B without grip) 052031 Sleeve for dual throttle cable, black (OEM 56220-81B without grip) 052035 Sleeve for models with electronic control, black (OEM 56304-08 without grip) REBUFFINI CUSTOM GRIPS FOR INTERNAL THROTTLE Black anodized grips with pyramidal rubber for bikes with a stock or aftermarket internal throttle kit. 747722 Internal throttle grip set TWISTGRIP STYLE INTERNAL CLUTCH CONTROL The internal throttle control is back again, in particular for customizers that want a clean looking handlebar. For those in search of even cleaner looks we now ZODIAC'S INTERNAL THROTTLE CONTROL This internal throttle control allows you to route a single throttle cable inside the handlebars for those classic, naked looks as found on most Harley's built before 1974. Fits all 7/8" (22mm) and 1" (25.4mm) diameter handlebars. Must be used with a left side OEM or aftermarket grip.Requires cutting off about 4" of the handlebar, as well as drilling holes. Does not work idle cables. 052017 Internal throttle control 057096 Replacement bearing kit KUSTOM TECH INTERNAL THROTTLE CONTROL You want that naked look and get rid of that big mess of cables dangling round your handlebar? Try this one, a smoothly designed internal throttle control that allows you to route the throttle cable inside the handlebars. Kustom Tech's internal throttle control is a steel construction with bronze and teflon internal components for a smooth action. Internal pull control can be used with all carburetor applications. Easy screw-on mounting, but for a very clean look you can also weld it to your handlebar. Must be used with a left side OEM or aftermarket grip. 741107 Kustom Tech internal MÜLLER'S INTERNAL THROTTLE KIT The Müller internal throttle is engineered to perfection and made from top of the bill materials. It features a total of 4 ball bearings, two for each side of the spiral and two slide bearings. Together with the included Teflon lined throttle cable this makes it the easiest turning internal throttle on the market. Cable is 53" (135cm) long and can be shortened to the required length. To make installation easy an installation tool kit is available separately. The toolkit includes a drill & tap jig, clamping screw and 6.5mm drill. 744331 Müller internal throttle kit for Kellerman turn signal 744332 Installation tool & jig kit "JACKHAMMER" CHROME PLATED THROTTLE ASSEMBLY Universal throttle assembly for use with single cable carburetors. Available for 7/8" (22mm) and 1" (25mm) handlebars. All metal housing and twist grip with black rubber throttle sleeves. 351200 Complete assembly 7/8" 052020 Complete assembly 1" 351203 Grip set only "HOG CRUISE" THROTTLE RETURN THUMBSCREW Cad plated, steel throttle return adjusting screw. Fits 1974 and later throttles as well as any Zodiac throttle. Thumb-wheel has 1" diameter which allows far easier adjustment and release with gloves on. Complete with spring and instructions. USA made. 232317 Cruise control "HOG CRUISE" H�N�L�B�R HANDLEBAR PARTS ( Site 996 )


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