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980549 - Athena, motor gasket kit (no oil seals). XR750

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Athena, motor gasket kit (no oil seals). XR750

Artikel-Nr.: 980549
52,45 €


72-up XR750


Athena, motor gasket kit (no oil seals). XR750

No oil seals included. 3.1" bore. No head gaskets. 0.3mm (.012") reinforced fiber cylinder base gaskets. 0.75mm (.030") thick reinforced fiber primary cover gasket. Otherwise complete with all gaskets, O-rings and primary gaskets required for a complete engine overhaul. Complete as shown. OEM replacement reference 16774-72R (base gaskets) 34952-52 (primary cover gasket). Note: Does not include cylinder head gaskets since XR750 models were never factory equipped with head gaskets. Originally the steel (iron) cylinders & high performance aluminum heads are bolted together without the use of any sort of head gasket. As such head gaskets are not offered by Athena. The use of any sort of head to cylinder sealing solution would be non-stock. Note: Some spray paint the gasket surface as an additional sealant. This is not a Factory solution and it is not advised, do so at your own risk.


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