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GZP Starter Motor Bracket Chr. FL66-82

032541 - GZP Starter Motor Bracket Chr. FL66-82 Your Price 10,38 €  

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Article-No.: 032541
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 05-057
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 31476-66


Part Description:

Starter motor bracket

Catalog Text:

Starter motor bracket, fits FL models late 1966 thru 1982 (OEM 31476-66).

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one Site back 05-057 290267 Oil deflector plate Fits FL models 1965-1982, FXWG models 1980 thru 1983, FX chain drive models 1971-1985 and FXST models from 198 4 thru 1985 (OEM 60516-65A). 1501 OIL DEFLECTOR PLATE 292053 Starter shaft, fits 1965-1969 FL & FLH models (OEM 31482-65) 292049 Starter shaft, fits FL chain driven models 1970-1982, FL belt driven models 1979-1981, FX 4 Speed chain driven models 1971-1984 and FXWG 1980-1983 (OEM 31482-70) 1500 GENUINE ZODIAC STARTER SHAFT Fits 1970 thru 1982 FX and FLH models, 1979 thru 1981 Classic models, and 1984 thru 1985 FXST models. 292111 Shifter collar (OEM 31503-70) Fits: 1965 thru 1969 FX and FLH 4 Speed models, 1982 thru 1984 FLH Classic models, 1980 thru 1984 FXB and FXSB 4 Speed chain drive models, 1980 thru 1988 FLT models, 1982 thru 1988 FXR models, 1986 thru 1988 FXST models and 1967 thru 1980 XLH models. 292113 Shifter collar (OEM 31503-65) Replacement shifter collars that meet or exceed OEM specifications. 1499 STARTER SHAFT SHIFTER COLLARS 292045 Fits 4 Speed Big-Twin models with Prestolite starter motor from 1965 thru early 1979 (OEM 31465-65) 292047 Fits 4 Speed Big-Twins with Hitachi starter motor from 1973 thru early 1979 (OEM 31572-73) 231836 Needle bearing (OEM 9062) Duplicate of the original starter motor housing. Needle bearing not included. Note: Hitachi and Prestolite type starter motors are not interchangeable, always check the type of starter motor used on your bike before ordering 1498 STARTER MOTOR HOUSINGS 370252 Polished 370253 Chrome 370254 Black The starting system on the 4 Speed electric start models from 1965-1988, with separate starter solenoid, is far from being "bullet-proof". In fact this starting system can be a pain in the butt. No longer, this hand operated and very efficient system will always work. This starting system mounts in the place of the starter solenoid. From now on you just get on your bike, pull the lever and go. Fits FL/FX 1965-1984, FXWG and FXST 1980-1988. Must be installed using a Bosch style relay, such as ZPN231918 or 700579. Relay must be ordered separately. The "Pull-Start" system is available in polished, black or chrome. 1497 PRIMARY MOUNTED "PULL START" SYSTEM 358081 Rubber solenoid inner boot Rubber solenoid inner boot for all 1965 thru 1988 Big Twins and 1967 thru 1980 Sportster models. Sold each (OEM 31441-65A). 1496 RUBBER SOLENOID INNER BOOT 745073 Chrome starter motor/battery tray bracket (OEM 66228-77, chrome version of 66225-73) Holds the Hitachi starter motor and the battery tray on 1974-1984 FXE models. 8640 FXE STARTER MOTOR & BATTERY TRAY BRACKET 032541 Starter motor bracket Starter motor bracket, fits FL models late 1966 thru 1982 (OEM 31476-66). 1495 STARTER MOTOR BRACKET 789321 Inner primary & starter housing saver Easy to install reinforced nylon prevents the starter housing and inner primary cover from damage by the drive chain. Fits 1965-1984 FL & FLH and 1971-1984 FX models. 1494 STARTER HOUSING & INNER PRIMARY SAVER Hitachi type (short model) 741204 Starter motor assembly, chrome (OEM 31559-89T) 741203 Starter motor assembly, black (OEM 31570-73) Prestolite type (long model) 741205 Starter motor assembly, black (OEM 31463-88T) 741206 Starter motor assembly, chrome (OEM 31458-66TA) "All Balls" starter motors are more than a reproduction of the original starter motors as used on all electric start Harley models from 1966 thru 1988. They are completely re-designed and made in Canada from new parts and give a full 1.4 kW starting power. The long Prestolite type starter motors are used on all electric start models thru 1973, as well as thru 1982 FL models. The short Hitachi type starter motors are used on 1973 thru 1982 FX models and all models from 1982 thru 1988. 1489 "ALL BALLS" STARTER MOTOR ASSEMBLIES FOR SHOVELHEAD STARTER MOTOR & PARTS (Ȧ*ȡ1ȝ (Ȥ(ț7Ȫ,ț6 (Site 315)


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