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CHAMPION RA8HC Copper Plus Spark Plug Pack 24.0

031218 - CHAMPION RA8HC Copper Plus Spark Plug Pack 24.0 Your Price 75,61 €  

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Article-No.: 031218
Packaging Unit: 24(Pack)
Catalog page: 6.61
Manufacturer/Distribution: CHAMPION / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 32317-86A


Part Description:

Spark Plug RA8HC Service Pack

Fits: 99-17 Dyna, 00-17 Softail, 99-16 Touring, 09-16 Trike, 86-20 Sportster

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6.61 for more details check ELECTRICAL APPAREL HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS Accel ‘CycleLite’ Platinum Spark Plugs Platinum-tipped high-performance plugs will maintain a precise gap longer for more consistent ignition performance and better mileage. Side electrode is from high-chromium/ nickel alloy for better spark at any voltage level. NGK Standard Spark Plugs NGK is the leader in motorcycle spark plugs, with spark plugs for virtually every motorcycle. The “Standard” spark plug is considered the workhorse at the heart of smooth-running engines around the world. • OEM approved • Triple-gasket sealing process • Consistent performance • Spark plug of choice in millions of motorcycles • Specified by more motorcycle manufacturers than any other spark plug company Accel ‘U-Groove’ Spark Plugs The ground electrode builds the spark to a “ball of fire” flame providing a smooth- er idle and better combustion. Five-rib insulator prevents flashover and misfire, copper glass inner seal and electric heat seal prevent combustion leakage and fused copper/nickel center electrode has a wide heat range. Champion Copper Plus Spark Plugs Features include a wider-base insu- lator which provides an easier path to speed the transfer of heat and a longer insulator nose containing a center electrode of pure copper inside of chrome-nickel to transfer heat between firings and help resist fouling. Model OEM Year Champion "Copper Plus" Qty CCE Accel "U-Groove" Qty CCE Accel "CycleLite" Qty CCE NGK Qty CCE For H-D M-8 Models 17- P-RG6HCC 10 899605 Twin Cam 6R12 99-17 RA8HC 4 22122 2418 2 22016 Y2418P 2 22023 DCPR7E 10 3123932 Evolution BT 5R6A 84-99 RN12YC 10 686824 2410A 2 22012 Y2410P 2 22024 DPR5ES-11 4 3127634 Shovelheads 1340cc 5R6A 80-84 RN12YC 10 686824 2410A 2 22012 Y2410P 2 22024 DPR5ES-11 4 3127634 Shovelheads 1340cc 5A6A L78-79 2403A 2 22011 DPR5ES-11 4 3127634 Shovelheads 1200cc 5R6A L78-80 RN12YC 10 686824 2410A 2 22012 Y2410P 2 22024 DPR5ES-11 4 3127634 Shovelheads 1200cc 5A6A 75-E78 2403A 2 22011 DPR5ES-11 4 3127634 Big Twin 3-4 48-74 J12YC 4 22115 2401 2 22000 Knuckleheads 3 36-47 D16 10 22140 750cc 3 45-73 D16 10 22140 Sportster 6R12 86-19 RA8HC 4 22122 2418 2 22016 Y2418P 2 22023 DCPR7E 10 3123932 Sportster 4R5 79-85 RNL82YC 4 22123 BPR6HS10 10 3122633 Sportster 2 57-78 H8C 4 22120 B6L 10 3123212 V-Rod Models 10R12A 02-17 DCPR8E 10 3124339 Buell 6R12 88-03 RA8HC 4 22122 2418 2 22016 Y2418P 2 22023 DCPR7E 10 3123932 Champion Spark Plug Service Pack Convenient 24-pack of the best selling Champion spark plugs. The RA12YC plugs are for Evolution Big Twin models from 84-99 and Shovel- head models from late 78-81. The RA8HC plugs are for Twin Cam models from 99-Up & Sportster models from 86-Up. Sold in a pack of 24. 031217 RN12YC plug replaces HD 5R6A (OEM 32311-83) 031218 Replaces HD 6R12 for Twin Cam engines Pulstar Pulse Spark Plugs Pulstar spark plugs generate up to 12% more horsepower and torque. They improve fuel effi- ciency, throttle response. The Pulstar plugs come with iridium electrodes and a capacitor built in for increased spark energy. Note: For engines with performance modifi- cations it is recommended to richen the air fuel mixture and slightly retard the timing. 688110 Pulstar plug 2PK for Twin Cams 688111 Pulstar plug 2PK for Evolution and Shovelheads


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