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011100 - CCE FRONT CYLINDER PANHEADS Your Price 216,36 €  

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Article-No.: 011100
Packaging Unit: 1(Each)
Catalog page: 9.26
Manufacturer/Distribution: Custom Chrome Europe / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 16483-48




Fits: 48-65 Panhead

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9.26 9 S&S Cylinders for Shovelhead Models Cast cylinders for 74", 80" and Big Bore Shovelhead motors from 66-84. Sold in pairs. 45776 3 5/8"-bore cylinders for 4 1/4" stroke (5.330"-long) 45946 3 5/8"-bore cylinders for 4 3/4" stroke (5.530"-long) 45793 3 7/16"-bore cylinders (5.330" long) 45945 3 1/2"-cylinders (5.330" long) Note: 3 5/8" bore cylinders require the use of S&S cylinder head bolts Cylinders for Shovelheads Cast iron alloy cylinders for Shovelhead engines from 66-84. Available bored for standard 74" or 80" pistons. Final honing is required. Pistons are not included. 5.330" stock length. Sold each. 011104 74" (1200 cc) front cylinder (repl. OEM 16484-66) 011106 74" (1200 cc) rear cylinder (repl. OEM 16492-66) 011109 80" (1340 cc) front cylinder (repl. OEM 16498-80A) 011108 80" (1340 cc) rear cylinder (repl. OEM 16499-80A) 011109 011108 Cylinders for 74" Panheads Quality cast iron cylinders for Panhead models 48-65. Wall thickness is designed for use with 74" or 80" bore. Cylinders come bored for stan- dard 74" (1200 cc), 3 7/16" bore pistons. 5.330" stock length. Final hon- ing is required. Pistons are not included. Sold each. 011100 Front (repl. OEM 16483-48) 011102 Rear (repl. OEM 16492-48) 011100 011102 S&S ‘Super Stock’ Cylinder Heads for Shovelhead Models S&S starts with the same high grade materials developed for air cooled aircraft engines. Machined using state-of-the-art CNC machines to ensure consistent quality. Heads are dimensionally the same as stock heads for bolt on installation. Fully compatible with OEM exhaust and intake man- ifolds clearance problems are nonexistent. Slightly different intake and exhaust port shapes typically yield a flow increase of 10 CFM. Complete assembled heads include S&S .550" lift springs, 80-84 style cast iron valve guides and seals and collars and keepers. Includes all necessary gaskets and hardware. Installation of rocker box assemblies (not included) is done using hex cap screws provided. Available in stock bore with single plug and 3 5/8" bore with single or dual plugs. 45902 Stock bore for 79-84 rubberband intake manifolds 45903 3 5/8" bore for 79-84 rubberband intake manifolds 45900 Stock bore for 66-78 O-ring intake manifolds 45901 3 5/8" bore for 66-78 O-ring intake manifolds 85078 3 5/8" bore dual plug for 79-84 rubberband intake manifolds S.T.D. Pan/Shovel Cylinder Heads Designed for Panhead and Shovelhead 1200cc barrels. Shovelhead O-ring style intake manifold ports. They require the use of 48-84 Big Twin valve guides, Shovelhead valves, exhaust pipes and intake man- ifold. However, Panhead rocker arm assemblies must be used (use CCI #36152 or OEM 12-point head bolts). 653864 S.T.D. Pan / Shovel cylinder head, front ONLY


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