Parts Europe FatBook by BMG

The 2022 Drag Specialties FatBook Bike is a high-performance cross between a performance Bagger and a Fat Tire Pro Touring bike. It is a long, low powerhouse, a show-stop- ping display of what you can do with a lot of talent and the products found inside the Drag Specialties FatBook catalog. The bike was designed and built by Dave Dupor of DD Custom Cycle. “I do a lot of Fat Tire bikes and have become known for that in the last few years,” Dupor said. “Builds that have the mean, aggressive stance sitting still. I do really clean builds where less is more and it’s still all in the details, such as flowing lines, internal wiring and hydraulics, providing that seamless finished look.” Dupor started with a stock 2018 FLTRX. “I had to hold myself back a little bit,” he said. “I ON THE COVER normally do a lot of custom fabrication. The goal here was to design and build a bike with the look of a full-blown custom, but made with parts you could select from the FatBook. This really is a bike you can build with parts from the FatBook.” This bike is long, low has the look of a slammed 50s Mercury hot rod. “In all aspects it really does have the feel of a real race bike,” Dupor said. “You sit on it, and with the MX- style risers and mid controls, it provides a real comfortable seating position and makes the bike easy to handle and maneuver.” One of the first pieces Dupor chose to get that long bike look was a Paul Yaffe Razorback stretched fuel tank to elongate the bike’s line. He then lowered the front fairing 3” from the stock height by mounting it on one of his own relocation brackets. He then molded the scowl to the outer fairing and added vents to the sides with mesh screens for that scallop effect. With the top line looking good, next were the SlyFox carbon fiber Builder: Dave Dupor, DD Customs Paint: Jason @ Artistimo