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JAMES Transmission Main Drive Gear Oil Seal Kit

668087 - JAMES Transmission Main Drive Gear Oil Seal Kit Your Price 33,82 €  

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Article-No.: 668087
Packaging Unit: 1(Kit)
Catalog page: 10.14
Manufacturer/Distribution: JAMES Gasket / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 35230-39K


Part Description:


Fits: 36-52 Flathead, 36-73 Servi Car, 36-47 Knucklehead, 48-65 Panhead, 66-77 FL Shovel, 71-77 FX Shovel

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10.14 10 Seals for Knucklehead Big Twin Models Replaces OEM# Part # Pack Qty Description 17475-38 667862 5 Oil Seal, Rocker Cover, 38-47, Knucklehead 17955-36 667951 100 Seal, Pushrod Cover, Small, Cork, 36-80, All Models 17955-36-A 667952 100 Seal, Pushrod Cover, Small, Rubber, 36-80, All Models 33076-37 667954 10 Seal, Starter Crankshaft (Kick Start), 4-Speed, 37-84, XL, XLH, E, EL, FL, FLH 34036-36 667956 10 Seal, Transmission Shifter Fork Shaft, 36-79, W, WL, G, GE, UL, FL, FLH 35211-85-DL 667963 5 Super Nut Replacement Oil Seal, Fits 667964 Super Nut for 4-Speed Transmissions 35230-39-DL 668086 1 Oil Seal, Transmission Main Drive Gear, 36-79, U, UL, ULH, E, EL, FL, FLH 35230-39-K 668087 KIT Oil Seal Kit, Trans. Main Drive 4-Speed, 36-79, All Big Twin Models 37337-36 667938 10 Seal, Clutch Pushrod, Cork/Rubber, 36-64, U, UL, ULH, E, EL, FL, FLH Hardware for Knucklehead Big Twin Models Replaces OEM# Part # Pack Qty Description 8866 667562 10 Ball Bearing, Oil Pump, 3/8" Dia. (a.k.a. 8873), 37-99, FLT, FXR, Softail, Dyna Models 25811-11 667967 20 Washer, Generator Gear Stud, Red Fibre, 32-73, K, XL, XLCH, XLH, FL, FLH 34459-26 667968 5 Washer, Hand Shift Top Cover, Leather, 26-51, W, G, EL, FL, FLH 35231-36 667971 10 Washer, Main Drive Oil Seal, Cork, 36-E79, U, UL, E, EL, FL, FLH 62702-52 667965 10 Washer, Drain Plug, Brass, Trans. Drain Plug/Oil Screen Plug 37-48 KNUCKLEHEAD BIG TWINS


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