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19079 - CCE CLUTCH RELEASE LEVER Ihr Preis 35,08 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 19079
Verpackungseinheit: EACH(1)
Katalogseite: 11.36
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: Custom Chrome Europe / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 37051-36 37052-65




Fits: BT 41-79

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11.36 11 Jockey Shift Conversion Kit This kit converts foot shift and hand clutch to Jockey Shift with foot-operated clutch. Fits all 4-speed Big Twins with wrap-around oil tanks ONLY through early 79 as well as custom appli- cations. The shift lever is also sold separately. 19507 Complete jockey shift conversion kit 19506 Jockey shift lever only (3/8”- 24 thread) Clutch Lever Rods and Ends Rods 15906 For use with Mousetrap and Suicide setup (repl. OEM 36918-52) 22 3/8"- long 15908 Fits old-style rocker clutch from 36-51 (repl. OEM 36917-36) 18 3/8"-long Clutch Lever Rod End Used on CC #’s 15906 and 15908 clutch rods. 15909 Repl. OEMs 36916-36, 36916-52 15909 15908 15906 Clutch Release Finger and Shaft Replacement clutch releasing finger and shaft for 4-speed Big Twins from 41-86. 070038 Shaft (repl. OEM 37074-38A) 070039 Releasing finger (repl. OEM 37070-39) 25928 Heavy-duty clutch release finger (repl. OEM 37010-39B) 070021 “E” Clip style retaining ring for 4-speed Big Twins 70-86 (pack of 10) 070039 070038 Chrome Clutch Release Lever For all Big Twins up to early 79 with stock or custom frames, including old-style oil tanks. 19078 Replaces OEMs 37052-65 (late), 37051- 36 (early) and 37053-68 with mouse- trap eliminator setup 5-Speed Clutch Release Lever Set A complete chrome-plated clutch release lever set for all 5-speed models from 80-86. This single kit replaces the four separate Original Equipment clutch release arms that the factory has used since 80. Replaces the stock release arm and cable bracket with a stronger, forged release arm and die-cast transmission top cable bracket. Chrome mounting hardware and acorn nut included. 18438 Replaces OEM 37063-90T Note: The installation of this part on 80-82 FXR and FLT mod- els will also require the installation of an OEM 38599-83A clutch cable which is routed along the left side of the engine instead of the right. See the CC cable charts in Section 4 for the different styles of cables available. 18430 18433 Chrome Clutch Release Levers Chrome replacement clutch release levers for 4-speed Big Twins. Both levers feature a precision-machined early-style broach for the release finger stud, permitting a wider range of applications than the stock lever. 18430 Fits 4-speed FL and FX models from late 79-86 (repl. OEM 37054-79) 18433 Fits 4-speed FL and FX models from 68-E79 (repl. OEM 37053-68) 93894 Fits RevTech 5 into 4 speed transmis- sions Chrome Mousetrap Clutch Release Lever Fits 41-79 Big Twins (68-E79 hand shift only). Also used with CC #19507 Jockey Shift Conversion Kit and Suicide Setup. 19079 Replaces OEMs 37051-36, 37052-65 Shift Lever Bushings If you’re riding a late 79-86 4-speed FL or FX model, then you’ve probably got a sloppy gear shifter linkage that can be traced to this part or the aluminum shifter arm. Ream your alumi- num shifter lever to accept this oversize bush- ing and restore that ‘good as new’ feel. 20140 Standard size (repl. OEM 33187-79) pack of 5 20141 .020" oversize (pack of 5) Chrome Transmission Shift Lever This custom part replaces the dull factory transmission shift lever with brilliant chrome. Made of steel. 688723 Fits 5- and 6-speed Big Twins from 97-17(except M8 models) (repl. OEM 33849-97)


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