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MCS Rocker arm, rear exhaust/front intake

519507 - MCS Rocker arm, rear exhaust/front intake Ihr Preis 60,66 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 519507
Verpackungseinheit: 1
Katalogseite: 705
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: Motorcycle Storehouse / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: 17360-83A



Rocker arm, rear exhaust/front intake

OEM style replacement rocker arm. Repl. 17360-83A.

Fits: 84-17(NU)B.T. (excl. M8); 86-20 XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200; 91-10(NU)Buell XB

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Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous MOTORPARTS - TOP END 10 MOTORCYCLESTOREHOUSE.COM 705 JIMS 66-20 ROLLER ROCKER ARM SET Cast from 4340 chromoly steel and heat treated. With a 660 alloy bronze bushing fit of .0007" to .0012" which is used for best wear resistance and oil control. Roller tip is made bearing grade material for longer life. Available in standard 1.625 rocker ratio. 66-84 B.T. 978030 Std 1.625 ratio 84-17 B.T. (excl. M8); 86-20 XL; 08-12 XR1200; 91- 10 Buell XB 978031 Std 1.625 ratio Replacement parts Fits all 66-17 B.T. (excl. M8).; 86-20 XL; 08-12 XR and 91-10 Buell XBmodels equipped with Jims roller rockers 978033 Roller, rocker arm 978034 Axle, rocker arm roller tip 978035 Lock ring, rocker arm 978031 S&S, 84-20 ROLLER ROCKER ARM SET Forged from 4110 steel, heat treated and shot peened for additional strength and protection frommetal fatigue. In these rockerarms pressed-in, extra 0.750" wide, bushings are used instead of needle bearings. A 0.50" diameter aircraft grade steel roller tip ensures wear re- sistancy and maximum reliability. The lubrication system is modified for un-restricted roller oiling. Note: S&S advises the use of adjustable pushrods to obtain the required correct valve clearance. Note: Roller rockers are recommended by S&S with cams having more than 0.585" lift. 84-17 B.T. (excl. M8); 86-20 XL; 08-12 XR1200; 91- 10 Buell XB 900796 Std 1.625 ratio Replacement parts 531870 Rocker arm. Front exhaust or rear intake 531871 Rocker arm. Rear exhaust or front intake 531368 Bushing .750" Complete rocker arm rebuild kit Kits includes retaining rings (6), 531368 bushings (8), rollers (4) and shafts (4). 531367 Complete rebuild kit 900796 S&S 84-20 ROCKER ARMS Stock style replacement, non roller, rocker arms for stock and mild performance upgrades with valve lifts up to .585". Forged from 4140 steel and heat treated and shot peened for maximum strength. Tips are induction hardened for extended durability and bushings used are extra, 3/4", long for 50% additional bearing surface. 531371 84-17 B.T. (excl. M8); 86-20 XL; 08-12 XR1200; 91-10 Buell XB. Replacement parts 531873 Front exhaust, rear intake 531874 Rear exhaust, front intake 531368 Bushing .750", S&S rockerarm 531371 66-20 REPLACEMENT ROCKER ARMS Stock style replacement rockerarms. 66-84 Shovel 509485 Rear exhaust, front intake. Repl. 17360-66A 509500 Front exhaust, rear intake. Repl. 17375-66A 84-17 B.T. (excl. M8); 86-20 XL; 08-12 XR1200; 91- 10 Buell XB 519507 Rear exhaust, front intake. Repl. 17360-83A 919508 Front exhaust, rear intake. Repl. 17375-83A 57-85 Sportster Fits 57-85 XL models. 904845 Front exhaust. Repl. 17394-57A 904850 Rear exhaust. Repl. 17395-57A 904855 Front intake. Repl. 17396-57A 904860 Rear intake. Repl. 17397-57A 509485 509500 519507 919508 S&S, M8 ROLLER ROCKER ARM SET Forged from 8620 steel for greater strength. S&S roller rockers are stronger and designed to combat excessive valve thrust and valvetrain wear with higher lifts from .550" and up to a maximum of .650" valve lift. The rocker geometry is better suited for high lift cams with 50% longer shaft bushings to help increase life in the fast lane. Larger surface area on the thrust surfaces reduces wear on the heads and oil is sprayed directly on the valve springs for better cooling to help avoid broken valves due to excessive heat. Comes with standard 1.640 M8 rocker ratio. 17-20 M8 597871 Std. 1.640" ratio Complete rocker arm rebuild kit Everything that's required for a complete rocker arm rebuild. 597872 Complete rebuild kit 597872 597871


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