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531188 - S&S, HVHP oil pump kit with gears. Universal cover

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S&S, HVHP oil pump kit with gears. Universal cover

Artikel-Nr.: 531188
799,80 €


84-91 B.T. (NU)


S&S, HVHP oil pump kit with gears. Universal cover

With universal cover: Several feed & return options, allowing maximum flexibility for customized applications. This S&S High Volume High Pressure (HVHP) oil pump was designed for, and used on all, S&S 4-1/8" bore Super Sidewinder Plus engines. The SSW+ engines are equipped with piston cooling jets that spray oil on the bottom of the pistons. This pump was designed to supply enough oil for the jets, and the rest of the engine. Although the outside is similar to the regular S&S billet pumps, the inside is different. Amongst others wider gears are used. Features include: *New tooth profile on feed & return gears for more volume *9% wider feed gears *28% wider return gears *Same thickness as stock pumps. Stock drive shaft is re-used Note: This pump kit includes both drive gears & an S&S steel breather valve and shim kit. Note: Drive gears, supplied in this 'Pump Kit', will fit 84-89 pinion shafts only (models with multiple parts flywheels) and will not fit late OEM 90-99 straight pinion shafts that are one-piece with the flywheels.


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