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531215 - S&S, oil pump kit with gears. 92-99 style

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S&S, oil pump kit with gears. 92-99 style

Artikel-Nr.: 531215
799,80 €


92-99 Evo B.T. with pre-90 style multiple-parts flywheels only (NU)


S&S, oil pump kit with gears. 92-99 style

Complete kit that includes it all. The oil pump assembly complete with mounting hardware, fittings, gaskets, pinion shaft pump drive gear, woodruff key, clip, oil pump shaft driven gear, breather gear & a shim kit. The oil pump is fully CNC machined to maintain close tolerance and strict quality control. OEM width feed and return gears. For the cleanest look possible, this pump is not equipped with a rear chain oiling provision. Note: Drive gears, supplied in this 'Pump Kit', will fit 84-89 pinion shafts only (models with multiple parts flywheels) and will not fit late OEM 90-99 straight pinion shafts that are one-piece with the flywheels. This kit is designed to be used with models that are custom fitted with earlier (pre-1990) multiple parts flywheels. Note: There may be more differences in Harley-Davidson crankcases than you might think. Plugging or drilling a hole is sometimes necessary. S&S offers a drill jig as MCS 518150. This is a special tool that is mounted on the crankcase and used as a guide to help you drill holes correctly.


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