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531739 - S&S, Easy Start gear drive 675 camshaft set (IG)

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S&S, Easy Start gear drive 675 camshaft set (IG)

Artikel-Nr.: 531739
737,23 €


99-06 Twin Cam (excl. 2006 Dyna) (NU)


S&S, Easy Start gear drive 675 camshaft set (IG)

.675" valve lift. Gear drive cams with inner gears only. Very high lift. For +120" engines with at least 1:11 CR. 4500-6500 RPM. Easy Start Cams make starting easier by reducing the build-up of cranking pressure in the cylinders during starting. This is done by lifting the exhaust valve slightly of its seat, with a spring loaded compression release lobe inside the camshaft. After starting the compression release lobe is retracted by centrifugal force. The only difference is during starting since you will now be able to electric start your Big Inch engine effortless, without the use of big batteries and/or starter motors. A stock starter and battery is enough. When the engine is running the camshafts function as regular cams, without any loss in power, torque or anything else. Note: Required installation kits for Easy Start Cams are included in complete kits only. They are separately available from S&S for this kit as 503566. Compatible with gear drive models only. Note: No Easy Start Cam grind is bolt-in for these 99-06 Twin Cam models. All will / may require clearancing and require high lift valve springs. Note: Not compatible with kickstart models. Note: Camshafts made before Jan. 2010 will require adjustable pushrods. Note: Below 900 RPM you may hear a clicking sound. Adjust idle speed to 1000-1100 RPM.


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