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531880 - S&S, 07-15 Softail 4-3/8" stroke flywheel assembly. For OEM

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S&S, 07-15 Softail 4-3/8" stroke flywheel assembly. For OEM

Artikel-Nr.: 531880
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07-15 Softail (NU)


S&S, 07-15 Softail 4-3/8" stroke flywheel assembly. For OEM

OEM compatible. Stock 96", 103", 110" stroke is 4-3/8". These S&S conrods have a (non Timken®) pressed-on sprocket shaft roller bearing race for use with the stock 24004-03B sprocket shaft bearing, a weaker solution but compatible with OEM components. Complete with tapered wrist pin ends that are compatible with stock H-D pistons. Balanced to 1035 grams total piston weight, which is compatible with OEM. Note: Engines with strokes exceeding 4" may require S&S piston oiling jets and piston to jet clearance notches in the piston skirt to avoid contact. Note: S&S crankpins allow the use of replaceable bearing races in the lower end of the connecting rods. The first generation of S&S crankpins, in use up to 2012, were 1.500" diameter. The second generation crankpins, in use since 2013, have the larger 1.671" OEM diameter crankpins. Now S&S & OEM crankpins are identical in diameter so now S&S parts can be used to rebuild stock H-D flywheels, something that previously was not possible since H-D rebuild parts were, and are, not available. Note: In any and all applications the technician must be able to judge components for their suitability in combination with the other engine components, prior to installation. It is of importance that a knowledgeable mechanic will install & make adjustments as required.


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