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580600 - MCS BREATHER VALVE SHIM, .115 INCH Ihr Preis 13,77 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 580600
Verpackungseinheit: 5
Katalogseite: 626
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: Motorcycle Storehouse / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: 25321-79




Use with steel breather valves only. Large hole. Used to set correct end play. Note: Steel breathers require steel breather valve spacers. Plastic breathers require plastic spacers. Do not intermix steel and plastic parts.

Fits: L77-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam) (NU)

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626 Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous MOTORPARTS - LOWER END 10 KH & XL SPORTSTER BREATHER VALVES JIMS, BREATHER VALVES Steel replacement breather valves for Big Twins (excl. Twin Cam). Manufactured from aerospace quality steel and CNC machined to the JIMS standard. Available for early 48-E77 and later L77-99 models. JIMS breather valve gears are available in standard and .030" oversize to save crankcases with worn or damaged crankcase breather valve holes. 978406 breather valve is equip- ped with a elongated rear oil hole for better crankcase vacuum, especially with large capacity engines. 48-E77 breathers must be used with 54-E77 style pinion and 70-E77 camshafts. Note: JIMS breathers can be used with L79-99 style steel breather valve thrust washers. 978141 48-E77 B.T. Standard. Repl. 25313-73 and 25310-71A 978142 48-E77 B.T. +.030" oversize 978143 L77-99 B.T. Standard. Repl. 25313-77C and 25310-82A 978406 L77-99 B.T. Standard, with elongated oil hole 978144 L77-99 B.T. +.030" oversize 970600 S&S, BREATHER VALVES Steel breather valve. Available as stock replacement or in oversize to save worn or damaged crankcases for Big Twin models from 36-99 (excl. Twin Cam). Note: S&S breather valves come with elongated breather holes to increase the duration of the vacuum, allowing more oil to be drawn from the cylinder heads. This has no disadvantage in any model year, either stock or Big Inch motor. Breather gears Std +.030" 970602 970603 36-47 Big Twin. Repl. 25300-36. 518661 970601 48-E77 B.T. Repl. 25313-73 and 25310-71A 970600 518662 L77-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam). Repl. 25313-77C and 25310-82A Breather gears with spacer set Std +.030" 531233 531236 36-47 Big Twin 531234 531237 48-E77 B.T. 531235 531238 L77-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam) 978142 tech-tip 55 S&S 77-99 breathers The timing for S&S breather valves, only for late 77-99 Big Twin models, has been changed by S&S in the year 2000. This is done to improve oil scavenging and reduce oil carry-over in high performance / large displacement engines. Old opening was at TDC and closing at 65° after BDC. New opening is 17° after TDC and closing at 82° after BDC. The old timing specification can be obtained by installing the timing mark on the breather gear one tooth clockwise from the timing mark on the cam gear. Also the breather's cavity oil evacuation hole (opposite of the drive gear), which used to be a round hole, has been elongated (made longer) to increase the duration of suction to the crankcase breather 'settling' cav- ity. The new specifications are not useful in most stock engines, but harmless. Breather windows in S&S cases will typically open at 7° after TDC and close 92° after BDC. Builders using other crank- cases may modify crankcase breather opening to obtain these specifications for maximum breather efficiency and performance. OEM Plastic breather valves Evo & Later Shovel models may still be equipped with the late style OEM plastic type breather valve. This OEM breather is low cost but an inferior, poor quality product that will cause damage to crankcases in the breather bore since it is prone to distorting. The sooner this stock type breather is removed, the better. We highly recommended to replace it with a steel breather valve, like was used in earlier engines. Note that steel breathers require steel breather valve spacers. Plastic breathers require plastic spacers. Do not intermix steel and plastic parts. Repair the breather hole JIMS has a breather hole reamer tool that can be used when the damage is done. It reams a damaged breather bore to +.030" so a +.030" an oversize JIMS, or S&S, breather can be used. This tool is available as MCS 978343, please check our tools catalog. tech-tip 56 BIG TWIN BREATHER VALVES Stock style replacement steel breathers for 36-99 Big Twin models. 970810 36-47 Big Twin. Repl. 25300-36. 970811 48-E77 B.T. Repl. 25313-73 and 25310-71A 970812 L77-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam). Repl. 25313-77C and 25310-82A 970810 970811 XL SPORTSTER BREATHER VALVES Replacement breathers for 52-76 K, KH, XL models. USA manufactured. 901321 52-55 K, KH. Repl. 26331-52 901322 56-59 KH, XL. Repl. 26331-56 901323 60-71 XL. Repl. 26331-60 901324 72-76 XL. Repl. 26331-72 901321 901322 901323 901324 977817 S&S, BREATHER VALVE SPACER SET Steel breather valve thrust washer set from S&S. Kit includes .100", .110", .120", .130", .140", .150", .160" and .170" sized spacers. These thrust washers fit all S&S breather valves. Identical to L77-99 OEM style (steel) replacement spacers. L77-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam); 36-99 S&S style cams Spacer set 977817 48-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam) S&S thrust washer set Breather valve spacers per size 977900 .100" 977901 .110". Repl. 25320-79 977902 .120". Repl. 25322-79 977903 .130". Repl. 25325-79 -- .140". Repl. 25327-79 977905 .150" 977906 .160" 977907 .170" BREATHER VALVE SPACERS L77-99 thrust washers have a larger diameter hole than the early, 50-E77, washers. Note: Do not intermix steel and plastic parts. Plastic. L77-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam) Use with plastic breather valves only. 971135 .130". Repl. 25320-82 580601 .135". Repl. 25321-82 580603 .140". Repl. 25322-82 580605 .145". Repl. 25323-82 580608 .150". Repl. 25325-82 580612 .155". Repl. 25326-82 580602 .160". Repl. 25327-82 580610 .165". Repl. 25328-82 580615 Spacer set, 8-pk. Incl. .130", .135", .140", .145", .150", .155", .160" and .165" sized spacers Steel. 50-E77 B.T. Use with steel breather valves only. 511585 .110". B.T. Repl. 25316-52 512525 .115". B.T. Repl. 25313-50 511590 .120". B.T. Repl. 25314-50 511595 .125". B.T. Repl. 25315-50 580616 Spacer set, 4-pk. Incl. .110", .115", .120" and .125" sized spacers Steel. L77-99 B.T. (excl. Twin Cam) Use with steel breather valves only. JIMS Import 961321 512530 .110". Repl. 25320-79 961322 580600 .115". Repl. 25321-79 961323 580604 .120". Repl. 25322-79 961324 580606 .125". Repl. 25323-79 961325 580607 .130". Repl. 25325-79 961326 580613 .135". Repl. 25326-79 961327 580609 .140". Repl. 25327-79 961328 580611 .145". Repl. 25328-79 961329 -- .150" -- 580617 Spacer set, 8-pk. Incl. .110", .115", .120", .125", .130", .135", .140" and .145" Steel 50-E77 Steel L77-99 Plastic L77-99 BIG TWIN BREATHER VALVES


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