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588906 - S&S, 4-1/8" bore 124" long block TC engine. Black/chrome

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S&S, 4-1/8" bore 124" long block TC engine. Black/chrome

Artikel-Nr.: 588906
10.469,38 €


07-16 Touring(NU)


S&S, 4-1/8" bore 124" long block TC engine. Black/chrome

Black/Chrome. Low Compression engine. Low compression is less sustainable to knocking and will give longer engine life. Engine comes with 10.2:1 CR dished forged pistons and 585GP easy-start cams. Engine is sold as 'Long Block', meaning these are engines without any intake components or ignition. Any high performance intake system, that will fit a stock engine, will fit the S&S 124" since S&S specially machined the heads to compensate for cylinder length. Stock compatible air cleaners and breathers wil also fit. Note: Sold as 'Long Block' engine. Carburetor, throttle housing, manifold, ignition and charging system is not included. Note: A large throttle housing and high performance ECU is required for best performance. Carbureted engines will require a ignition system with adjustable advance curves and large carburetor, as the S&S Super G or similar. Note: 07-16 Touring requires 536541 oil line installation kit. Note: Charging system requires an early style (MCS 591077) sprocket shaft spacer of 1.750" OD x 1.255" ID x 1.095" thick.


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