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597866 - KIBBLEWHITE KPMI, Inconel White Diamond valve, exhaust. Oversize

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KIBBLEWHITE KPMI, Inconel White Diamond valve, exhaust. Oversize

Artikel-Nr.: 597866
47,18 €


17-23 M8


KPMI, Inconel White Diamond valve, exhaust. Oversize

Inconel with hard chrome finish. Standard size replacement with oversized head. Dimensions: 1.284" head dia. x 0.2342" stem dia. x 4.050" overall length. KPMI valves are manufactured in the U.S.A. by a dedicated staff and personnel with hands-on experience in stock and high performance. Quality materials and the latest CNC and 3-D computer modelling equipment make sure each and every Kibblewhite Precision Machining valve train component is top of the line. Inconel is a special heat resistant so-called 'Superalloy'. By nature of the material it cannot be black nitrided so it is hard chromed. It has a superior heat resistancy against issues like exhaust valve stem bending, of OEM M8 exhaust valves, without impact. 6mm is thin especially when dealing with extremities as detonation, lean mixtures and poor timing curves. Inconel's superior heat resistance will maintain its strength longer at higher temperatures, it is therefore used for the thin stems on M8 exhaust valves only.


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