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944819 - KB Performance, 96"/103" to 110" Twin Cam piston kit. STD

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KB Performance, 96"/103" to 110" Twin Cam piston kit. STD

Artikel-Nr.: 944819
384,02 €


07-17 110" Twin Cam (NU)


KB Performance, 96"/103" to 110" Twin Cam piston kit. STD

Forged big bore conversion piston set. Used for converting 96" (3-3/4" bore) and 103" (3-7/8" bore) to 110" (4" bore) big bore. With dished piston domes. Works with all stock cylinder heads, 96" and 103" with 85cc chamber and SE, MVA and CVO with 95cc chambers. 9.5:1 CR with stock 96"/103" 85cc head. Piston weight 350gr. Piston pin weight 89gr. Piston pin dia. .927" / offset. Head type: Dish with +13.3cc. Compression height 1.086". Bore 4.000". Stroke 4.375" (4-3/8"). Rod length 7.667". Cyl. length 4.938". Note: Will not work as bolt-in with OEM H-D 4" big bore conversion cylinders in OEM 96" & 103" crankcases. The cylinders will hit a small step in the crankcase. Also clearance between piston skirt and crankcase must be checked at bottom dead center. Cases with a large cast-in bump, just below the machined area for the cylinder sleeve, must be machined for adequate piston skirt to crankcase clearance. This is on both front & rear cylinder exhaust sides of the crankcase. Note: Will not fit 110" CVO models. Note: All KB forged pistons come equipped with offset wrist pins / piston pins. There is a front and rear section on the piston and it is necessary to install it in the correct way. Please refer to the installation instructions, as provided with each piston set, prior to installation.


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