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965288 - S&S, cam chest kit M8 - Gear drive, oil cooled

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S&S, cam chest kit M8 - Gear drive, oil cooled

Artikel-Nr.: 965288
1.975,97 €


18-23 Softail; 17-23 Touring. (Oil cooled models)


S&S, cam chest kit M8 - Gear drive, oil cooled

With black pushrod covers. Gear drive. The gear drive system provides improved cam timing. More dependable, reduces oil pump wear and allows higher cam lifts. Everything is better than chain drive system but it will however produce more mechanical sound than chain drive. Complete oil pump, oil pump/cam support plate, pushrod, tappets tappet cuffs and 475 performance cam kit. Pump and support plate are a direct replacement for stock components. Blue anodized finished and precision machined from billet aluminum. Cam plate comes with bronze bushings and steel 'wear plate' so plate body is protected from steel oil pump rotors, the passage plugs are removable for servicing. The oil pump comes with independent scavenge sections for flywheel cavity and cam chest, with debris screens in both scavenge pickups and a magnet in the cam chest to further help catch debris before it enters the pump. Oil flow on both feed and scavenge side is increased. The pressure relief valve is adjustable and can be adjusted with the pump in engine. Pushrods are 'Quickee', allowing installation without head removal and comes with complete with a gloss black pushrod cover kit. Tappets are S&S Precision and include S&S billet aluminum tappet cuffs. The included S&S gear drive 475 cam is bolt-in and offers up to 100 horsepower. The gear drive system eliminates the stock chain drive system and provides improved cam timing. Oil Pump/Cam Plate: - Precision Machined from Billet Aluminum - Blue Anodized Finish - Passage Plugs Removeable for servicing - Independant Scavenge Sections for Flywheel Cavity and Cam Chest - Debris Screens in both scavenge pickups - Magnet in Cam Chest to help to stop debris from entering oil pump - Increased Flow Capacity on both Feed and Scavenge side - Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve is adjustable with unit installed in engine Pushrods: - Quickee Pushrods - Gloss black pushrod tubes Tappets: - S&S Precision high performance tappet set Tappet Cuffs: - Hard Anodized Black Coating - Billet Aluminum Construction - Stronger than Stock Material eliminates Distortion - Improve tappet stability in high lift and high rpm situations Cam: - 475 is a bolt in 100hp cam! - Gear Drive Kits provide improved cam timing accuracy and eliminate the stock cam chain tensioner - Gear Drive kits include outer Drive Gears - Includes all gskets, bearings, and hardware required for installation


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