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974961 - S&S, 129" big bore kit. Black cylinders

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S&S, 129" big bore kit. Black cylinders

Artikel-Nr.: 974961
1.865,26 €


17-23 M8 with 107" engine


S&S, 129" big bore kit. Black cylinders

2102cc kit. Converts the 107" engine to 129". Largest possible 4.320" bore bolt-in big bore kit. Stroker flywheels not required. Works with stock crankcases, case boring is not required, stock flywheels, stock heads and retains stock engine height. Kit includes a forged 4.320" big bore piston kit, black wrinkle powder coated 4.320" big bore cylinders, 2 MLS (Multi-Layer-Steel) .030" head gaskets, 2 cylinder base gaskets, 4 cylinder dowels and an S&S cubic inch cam cover batch. Black powder coated finish to match OEM finish. Note: For the 132" kit (to convert 114" engines) S&S measured 135.51HP and 145.83TQ with stock heads, a 550 cam, stock throttle body and a high flow Stealth air cleaner kit. Note: Tuning of fuel injection and ignition may be required. Note: S&S advises 576972 S&S head bolt kit for all big bore applications.


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