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JIMS, Powerglide hydraulic tappet. +.002" o.s.

978104 - JIMS, Powerglide hydraulic tappet. +.002" o.s. Ihr Preis 163,29 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 978104
Verpackungseinheit: EA
Katalogseite: 733
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: JIMS / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: n/a



JIMS, Powerglide hydraulic tappet. +.002" o.s.

The hydraulics used will work with both hydraulic and solid style camshafts. An excellent replacement hydraulic tappet for stock and high performance applications. Made as an oversized diameter replacement for 17920-53A (hydraulic unit) and 18522-53A (tappet). Note: Standard O.D. is .731". Note: Upgrading 66-84 Shovels to JIMS pushrods? Use the MCS 978053 JIMS Powerglide upgrade kit. JIMS Note: some 78-84 H-D® tappet blocks have oil drain hole location problems with some high lift cams.

Fits: 53-84 B.T. (NU)

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733 Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous MOTORPARTS - TOP END 10 NEW PRODUCTS ADDED WEEKLY AT MOTORCYCLESTOREHOUSE.COM JIMS POWERGLIDE™ & POWERGLIDE™ STEADY ROLL TAPPETS Jims Powerglide™ tappets will give you a superior hydraulic function when compared with OEM style equipment, a billet steel body with hand-honed hydraulic unitcavity and an oil fed axle. To get full power, you must have zero valve lash and eliminate collapsing of the hydraulic unit as is found in the OEM unit, also called 'the shock absorber syndrome'. Failing to keep the valve open the full amount results in power loss. The Jims Powerglide tappets come as close to a solid tappet as possible, but are still able to compensate for heat expansion. They will even work well with solid style camshafts. Powerglide™ vs Powerglide™ Steady Roll The Powerglide™ Steady Roll is a 2014 JIMS development. The only difference, compared to a regular Powerglide™ tappets, is the special bronze alloy bushing that is used in the tappet roller of the Steady Roll. Full bearing contact provides more stability, longer life and quieter operation due to the tighter tolerances this bushing design allows. The major drawback of a worn needle bearing roller is they will eventually break, spilling steel needles throughout your engine. This is no longer an issue. Even when the Steady Roll bronze bushing wears out the design is failsafe. JIMS, POWERGLIDE STEADY ROLL TAPPETS This is the Powerglide with a failsafe solid bronze alloy bushing instead of a regular roller bearing. No other differences excist between the regular Powerglide and the Powerglide Steady Roll tappets. 84-99 Evo B.T. (excl. TC); 86-90 XL; 87-90 Buell 978619 STD size (O.D. .8425"). Repl. 18523-86A 978620 +.002" o.s. 978621 +.005" o.s. 99-21 TCA/B, M8; 00-21 XL; 08-12 XR1200; 00-10 Buell XB 978622 STD size (O.D. .8420"). Repl. 18538-99C 978623 +.002" o.s. 978624 +.005" o.s. JIMS, POWERGLIDE TAPPETS Excellent replacement hydraulic tappets for stock and high performance applications. 53-84 B.T. The hydraulics used will work with both hydraulic and solid style camshafts. Repl. 17920-53A (hydraulic unit) and 18522-53A (tappet). Note: Upgrading 66-84 Shovels to JIMS pushrods? Use the MCS 978053 JIMS Powerglide upgrade kit. 978103 STD size (O.D. .731") 978104 +.002" 978105 +.005" 84-99 Evo B.T. (excl. TC); 86-90 XL; 87-90 Buell Weight 149 grams each. 978100 STD size (O.D. .8425"). Repl. 18523-86A 978101 +.002" o.s. 978102 +.005" o.s. 99-21 TCA/B, M8; 00-21 XL; 08-12 XR1200; 00-10 Buell XB 978118 STD size (O.D. .8420"). Repl. 18538-99C 978597 +.001" o.s. 978598 +.0015" o.s. 961571 +.005" o.s. 91-99 XL, Buell models Clearanced up to about .700" lift cams, still clearance with performance cams must be checked. Weight 143 grams each. 978106 STD size (.9035") Repl. 18526-89 978109 +.001" 978108 +.002" 978110 +.005" 978103 978118 978100 978106 978053 JIMS, 66-84 POWERGLIDE UPGRADE KIT Used on 66-84 Shovelhead models that are equipped with JIMS Powerglide tappets (MCS 978103, 978104 or 978105) . This pushrod kit includes Pro-Lite Worksavers, made from aerospace quality heat treated aluminum, without oil hole since that is not necessary on Shovels. Comes with four new 3/8" diameter pushrod seats that will 'shorten' your existing Powerglide tappet. This is done to reduce the severe pushrod angle, that is found on Shovels, closer to the Evo design. Complete with instructions. 978053 66-84 Shovelhead with Powerglide tappets 961569 961550 JIMS POWERGLIDE UPGRADE KIT 978619 978622 a failsafe Powerglide Tappet & tappet bore reamer tool The Steady Roll JIMS, 99-21 TAPPET BORE REAMER TOOL Used to ream worn or damaged tappet bores to +.010" oversize (.8536"). Note: Oversized tappet 961569 is required and must be ordered separately. 99-21 TCA/B, M8; 00-21 XL; 08-12 XR1200; 00-10 Buell XB 961550 +.010" o.s. reamer tool 961569 +.010" o.s. Powerglide tappet 978138 978133 JIMS, 84-99 SOLID TAPPETS Used in applications where a hydraulic tappet is not desired. 84-99 B.T.; 86-90 XL; 87-90 Buell Non adjustable tappet Must be used with an adjustable type pushrod. Weight 109 grams each. 978133 STD size (O.D. 8425") 978134 +.002" 978135 +.005" Adjustable tappet Since the tappet itself is adjustable this tappet must be used with a (short type) non adjustable pushrod. Weight 126 grams each. 978138 STD size (O.D. 8425") 978139 +.002" 978140 +.005" Tappet blocks in 78-80 Shovel- heads may have tappet blocks with oil drain holes positioned low. When running a high lift cam, or even a stock cam, these tappet blocks will allow oil pressure to bleed off from the tappets. This is most common in the front tap- pet block. Information supplied by JIMS tech-tip 43 JIMS POWERGLIDE TAPPETS JIMS SOLID TAPPETS


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