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Colony, oversized Panhead rocker cover screw set

989667 - Colony, oversized Panhead rocker cover screw set Ihr Preis 25,50 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 989667
Verpackungseinheit: 6
Katalogseite: 727
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: COLONY / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: n/a



Colony, oversized Panhead rocker cover screw set

Chrome. Short bolts, for use with steel D-rings. These are OEM style screws with oversized 1/4-20 threads. Used when stock threads in cylinder head are stripped.

Fits: 48-65 Panhead (NU)

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727 Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous MOTORPARTS - TOP END 10 NEW PRODUCTS ADDED WEEKLY AT MOTORCYCLESTOREHOUSE.COM COLONY, ROCKER SHAFT END PLUG & NUT KITS OEM styling except the nuts which are Cap style, simular to stock but it is an all steel construction, and do not have the red plastic inserts. Complete set to fit left and right side of rocker boxes for early or late models. 66-E71 B.T.; 57-E71 XL 902685 Slotted. Chrome 929700 Slotted. Zinc L71-84 B.T.; L71-85 XL The 989527/ 929774 are specialty sets that come with the early slotted style right side nuts. 989571 Buttonhead. Chrome 513370 (Import) Buttonhead Chrome 590323 Buttonhead. Black oxide 929667 Buttonhead. Zinc 989527 Slotted. Chrome 929774 Slotted. Zinc 989527 929667 ROCKER SHAFT END PLUGS Complete set to fit rocker box on right side. Made by Gardner-Westcott, Streethogs or Colony. Chrome plated or stainless steel. 66-E71 B.T.; 57-E71 XL 515965 Knuckle style, Colony 505250 Allen head style, GW 71-84 B.T.; 71-85 XL Repl. 17448-71A. 510820 OEM style, GW 900873 OEM style, stainless. Streethogs 505245 Allen head style, GW 927071 Acorn style, GW 515960 Knuckle style, Colony 501770 Hex style, Colony 900869 Hex style, stainless. Streethogs 515960 ROCKER SHAFT END NUTS Fits rocker box on left side on 66-84 B.T. and 57-85 XL. Chrome plated. OEM style is with the red plastic insert. With plastic inserts 903810 OEM style, red insert. Repl. 7875 903819 OEM style, black plastic insert Cap style 903805 Colony Acorn style 970540 GW. With washers 989157 Colony. With washers 989157 903810 900873 900869 COLONY, OVERSIZED PANHEAD ROCKER COVER SCREW SET Stock style screws with oversized 1/4-20 threads. Used when stock threads in cylinder head are strip- ped. Sold in 6pk. For alu D-rings (long bolts) 989665 Chrome For steel D-rings (short bolts) 989667 Chrome 929827 Zinc 929827 517855 PANHEAD ROCKER COVER SCREW KITS Rocker screw kits to install rocker covers on 48-65 Panhead models. From Gardner-Westcott or Colony. Note: When aluminum D-rings are used you will need longer bolts than with steel D-rings. For alu D-rings (long bolts) 513505 Colony, chrome hex bolt set. Repl. 3578W 929783 Colony, zinc hex bolt set. Repl. 3578W 517855 GW, chrome allen head bolt set 927703 GW, stainless allen head bolt set 512895 GW, acorn bolt set For steel D-rings (short bolts) 513500 Colony, chrome hex bolt set. Repl. 2560 517850 GW, chrome allen head bolt set 927702 GW, stainless allen head bolt set 927091 GW, 12 point set 929783 989550 929785 COLONY, KNUCKLE ROCKER BOX BOLT KIT OEM style reproduction. Repl. 071 (2) upper bolt and 073 (2) lower bolt and 0261 (6) spring washers. 36-47 Knuckle 989226 Chrome 929723 Zinc 989228 Parkerized 989226 989228 COLONY, ROCKER COVER WASHERS Washers as used below the Panhead rocker cover screws. Use as required with long screws and aluminum D-Rings. Repl. 6150W. L54-65 B.T. 989550 Chrome 929785 Zinc 513505 517850 513370 929700


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