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Rocker Arm, rear exhaust/front intake

26054 - Rocker Arm, rear exhaust/front intake Ihr Preis 52,53 €  

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Artikel-Nr.: 26054
Verpackungseinheit: EACH(1)
Katalogseite: 9.78
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: Custom Chrome Europe / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 17360-83



Rocker Arm, rear exhaust/front intake

Fits: 84-99 Big Twin, 86-03 XL, 95-02 Buell

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9.78 9 Vulcan Engineering Rocker Arm Support Machined from 7075 Billet Aluminum. Fits all Twin Cam motors. This Beefed up Support will eliminate flexing when using high lift cams and stiff valve springs. Hard coat anodized. 668151 Rocker Arm Support 668152 PCV Valve Housing Roller Rocker Arms with Shafts by Custom Chrome These roller rocker arms offer quality and performance at a budget price. Reduce valve train friction for more performance and less wear. These are stock 1.625:1 ratio rocker arms. Sold in sets of four including shafts. 659634 Roller rocker arm set. Fit Big Twin 84-17, Sportster 86-19 S&S Roller Rockers for Evolution and Twin Cam Engines Hardened aircraft steel and pressed in bushings give these rocker arms the highest wear resis- tance and durability possible. For use in Big Twins from 84-17 with cam lifts to .710" and Evolution Sportster models from 86-19 with cam lifts to .650". Designed for use with adjustable pushrods to obtain correct valve lash adjust- ment. S&S recommends new rocker arm shafts for maximum performance and mileage. 45690 Set of four rocker arms 45691 Replacement set of four rocker shafts RevTech Roller Rocker Arms for Evolution and Twin Cam Models These rocker arms extend cyl- inder head service life giving you more miles between tear- downs, reduced friction and more power. The rolling action virtually eliminates side thrust when opening and closing the valves, minimizing the wear on your engines valve stems, guides and seals. Concealed push rod seats are induction-hardened to 58-60 Rockwell C for scuff resis- tance and long-term durability. Computer-designed bodies are extra-thick and made of 4140 investment cast chromemoly steel that has been normalized to HRC35 for strength and tough- ness. Concealed oilways between the pushrod seats and the rollers provide reliable lubrication. Rollers are precision-machined from ball race-quality steel before being hardened and ground with a super-finished bore before being fitted to a heat-treated roller pin. Shaft bushings are steel backed and bronze laminated for extreme wear resistance. These are stock 1.625:1 ratio rocker arms. Set of 4. 659635 RevTech roller rocker arm complete set. Fits all Big Twins 84-17 and Evolution Sportster mod- els from 86-19 Motor Factory Valve Guide Seals Available in convenient single engine overhaul packs of four seals, or in economical shop supply quantities of 25. Note: Valve guide seals will require machining of valve guide and/or collar in order to re-establish correct overall valve guide height on all but the latest-style valve guides. Installation tools are available separately. Refer to service manual and valve guide specifications for modifications required. 41711 41816 41812 41516 Overhaul service packs (4-pack) 99193 Fits Sportster models from 57-85 99194 Fits Panhead and Shovelhead models from 48-E80 99195 Fits Shovelhead models from late 80-84 (without installation tool) 99196 Fits Evolution Sportster and Big Twin models from 84-04, 86-03 XL ,Valve guide seals. Set of 4. Shop supply packs (25 seals) 24345 Fits Sportster model intake valves from 57-85 24346 Fits Sportster model exhaust valves from 57-85 24348 Fits Panhead and Shovelhead valves from 48-E80 24347 Fits Shovelhead valves from late 80-84 24349 Fits 86-03 Sportster and L84-04 Big Twin valve Installation Tools 41711 Cutter with 11/32" pilot. For 57-85 Sportster exhaust valve guides to permit the installation of CC #99193 and #24346 valve guide seals 41516 5/16" pilot ONLY. For 57-85 Sportster intake valve guides to per- mit the installation of CC #99193 and #24345 valve guide seals (when combined with CC #41711 cutter) 41812 Cutter with 3/8" pilot. For use on 48-E80 Panhead or Shovelhead valve guides to permit the installation of CC #99194 and #24348 valve guide seals 41816 Cutter with 3/8" pilot. For use on late 80-84 Shovelhead valve guides to permit the installation of CC #99195 and #24347 valve guide seals 99193 99195 26079 26080 Rocker Arms for Shovelheads Fit generator and alternator mod- els from 66-84. Sold each. 26079 Fits rear exhaust/front intake (repl. OEM 17360- 66) 26080 Fits front exhaust/rear intake (repl. OEM 17375- 66) Rocker Arms for Twin Cam and Evolution Models Replacement rocker arms for Evolution Sportster models from 86-19, and Evolution Big Twin and Twin Cam models from 84-17. Sold each. 26054 Rocker arm, rear exhaust or front intake. (repl. OEM 17360-83) 26055 Rocker arm, front exhaust or rear intake. (repl. OEM 17375-83) 26055 26054


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