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8110457 - Nitro sealed YT9B-4 AGM battery

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Nitro sealed YT9B-4 AGM battery

Artikel-Nr.: 8110457
45,85 €


Yamaha: 2016 XP 400RA T-Max - Iron Max; 02-04 TT 600RE; 01-05 YZF 600R6; 06-13 MT-03 660; 96-98 SZR 660; 04-16 XT 660R; 04-16 XT 660X Supermoto; 08-16 XT 660Z Tenere; 11-16 XT 660ZA Tenere; 99-03 YZF 750R7 OW02


Nitro sealed YT9B-4 AGM battery

This gel battery with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology is an alternative for the corresponding conventional and maintenance free batteries. Thanks to addition of Silica into the Acid, the liquid inside the battery becomes a jelly substance. The gel batteries are filled and activated in the factory. This makes them immediately ready for use after taking from the shelf. - The acid is in gel form injected in the battery - No acid leakage possible - Lower self discharge during stock keeping and use - Spill-free - Can be fitted in any position (Do not use upside down!) - Better vibration resistance - Longer starting capability - Maintenance free - AGM absorbed glass mat technology - Dimensions L150 x W70 x H105 - 12V - Capacity: 8 Ah


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