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8110881 - ISON 141 oil filter

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ISON 141 oil filter

Artikel-Nr.: 8110881
4,40 €


Yamaha: 03-20 WR 450 F Fantic: 11-13 TF 250 ES; 10-15 EC 250 F. Gas-Gas: 10-15 EC 250 F; 14-15 EC 250 F Cami; 14-15 EC 250 F Cami; 13-15 EC 300 F; 13-15 EC 450 F.


ISON 141 oil filter

Filtering oil is simple in its base, but not to be taken lightly. Oil filters are extremely important to guarantee a sufficient flow of clean filtered oil into your engine. Ison filters were designed from the very start as a premium high performance filter to meet any and all criteria demanded by today's engines. During benchmark tests Ison outperformed all tested filters in impulse, burst strength, pressure drop and filter efficiency.


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