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GZP Tappet adjuster gauge Big Twin 53

133019 - GZP Tappet adjuster gauge Big Twin 53 Your Price 9,02 €  

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Article-No.: 133019
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 26-039
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 94438-79


Part Description:

Tappet adjusting gauge

Catalog Text:
A simple quality tool for checking and adjusting hydraulic tappets without removing them. Measures the clearance between the lifter and the pushrod. Works with all Big Twins 1953 thru 1984, except Evolution models (OEM 94438-79).

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one Site back 26-039 236220 T appet Oil filter screw plug tool How easy can it get. Use this simple tool to remove tappet oil filter screen without removing your exhaust pipes. Note: Only works with slotted screw. 5949 JIMS TAPPET OIL FILTER SCREW PLUG TOOL 235780 Pinion gear nut socket Use this tool to remove or secure pinion gear nut to pinion gear shaft. Tool has 1/2" drive and can be used with the pinion gear locker tool(ZPN239475) as shown elsewhere in this catalog (OEM 94555‑55A). 5948 JIMS PINION GEAR NUT SOCKET 1954‑1989 BIG TWIN 234994 Pinion nut socket tool This tool is used to remove or install the pinion shaft cam gear nut in all Big Twin models from 1955 thru 1992 (OEM 94555‑55). 5947 PINION NUT SOCKET TOOL 235806 Tappet guide puller for sportster models Removes press‑fit tappet guides from the crankcase after tappet body adjusting screw is removed. Fits Sportster models from 1957 thru 1978 (OEM 95724‑57). 5946 TAPPET GUIDE PULLER FOR SPORTSTER MODELS 753678 Jims Tappet pump and test stand 753679 Adapter sleeve for Evolution tappets This JIMS tappet pump and test tool allows you to test hydraulic tappets before assembling the valve train. By using pressurized oil, this unique tool allows you to fill the tappet with oil, while "feeling" the fitment of the hydraulic unit. You can easily diagnose loose or "spongy" tappets that could eventually lead to bleed down issues, or "sticky" tappets that won't pump up due to poor hydraulic unit fitment. Whether you simply change cams every once in a while, or your are an experienced engine builder, this tool will allow you to complete the final assembly of your cam chest and valve train with confidence knowing your tappets are pumped up, pass test and ready for action. Works with tappets for 1999 thru 2017 Twin Cams and 2017 to present Milwaukee Eight. A sleeve adapter to use the Jims test stand with 1984 thru 1999 Evolution Big Twin and 1986 thru 1990 Evolution Sportster tappets is available separately. 5945 JIMS TAPPET PUMP AND TEST STAND 235868 Jims USA made alignment tool 131110 Eco Line alignment tool 237039 S&S USA made alignment tool (S&S 530‑0014) Alignment tool to ensure that the tappet tracks on centerline of cam lobe on 1977 to present BigTwins. Must be used whenever one of the tappet blocks is removed. Use two of these alignment tools on 1999 thru 2017 Twin Cams to align the oil pump to cam support plate. Helps reduce oil scavenging problems associated with oil pump misalignment. (OEM 33443‑84). 5944 TAPPET BLOCK AND OIL PUMP ALIGNMENT TOOL 745671 Sonic over & under pressure kit 753649 Vacuum tappet Pump Up tool The technology from the Jims Vacuum Brake Bleeding tool has found its way to servicing the hydraulic tappets on Evolution Twin Cam and Milwaukee Eight engines. A special vacuum jar can hold up to 4 hydraulic lifters in a convenient tray. Once vacuum is applied, bubbles can be seen escaping from the lifters until they are completely bled. No more abuse of the starting system to pump up the lifters and no risk of damage to the valve train by running the engine when the lifters have not been fully bled. Works with Sonic over 7 under pressure kit that that can also be used for a various other applications such as brake bleeding, fluid transfers and vacuum diagnostics. 5943 JIMS VACUUM TAPPET PUMP‑UP TOOL 756316 Jims magnetic tappet holder tool set Another time saver from Jims. Simply install this pair of tools over the tappet covers and the rare earth magnets hold the tappets in their bores when the cam is removed. Comes in a form fitted tray to protect the magnets from damage when stored. Works on all 1999‑2017 Twin Cam and 2017 to present Milwaukee Eight engines. 8610 JIMS TWIN CAM & M‑8 MAGNETIC TAPPET HOLDERS 753633 Works on all 1999 thru 2017 Twin Cam, 2017 to present Milwaukee Eight, 2000 to present Sportster and 2000 thru 2010 air cooled Buells Expert technicians know that keeping the same parts operating in their original position and direction is a good idea. This is especially true with the tappets in Harley‑Davidson engines. Whenever the tappets are removed the Jims holding tool allows the tappets and anti‑rotation pins to be safely and accurately stored for proper reinstallation. Tappet locations are clearly referenced on the tool, which also serves to protect the tappets from damage when removed from the engine. 5942 JIMS TAPPET POSITION HOLDING TOOL 133019 Tappet adjusting gauge A simple quality tool for checking and adjusting hydraulic tappets without removing them. Measures the clearance between the lifter and the pushrod.Works with all Big Twins 1953 thru 1984, except Evolution models (OEM 94438‑79). 5940 TAPPET ADJUSTING GAUGE VALVE TRAIN TOOLS TOOLS & CHEMICALS (Site 1397)


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