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GZP Sprocket nut wrench 1.875" BT36-8

131141 - GZP Sprocket nut wrench 1.875" BT36-8 Your Price 59,79 €  

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Article-No.: 131141
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 26-046
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 94660-37A


Part Description:

Transmission sprocket nut wrench

Catalog Text:
Genuine Zodiac tool, used to install or remove the 1 7/8" hex nut that secures the final drive sprocket or pulley on the transmission main shaft on all Big Twins from 1936 thru 2006, except 2006 Dyna. Zinc plated finish (OEM 94660-37).

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Zinc plated finish (OEM 94660‑37). 6030 SPROCKET NUT WRENCH 753638 Shifter mechanism sleeve tool This tool will be a real time saver when removing and/or installing the shifter mechanism sleeve in the Cruise Drive 6‑speed transmission. No need to disassemble the transmission, simply use this handy tool to remove the old one and later install the new shifter sleeve. Fits all 2006 to present Dyna, and all 2007 to present Softail and Touring. 6025 JIMS SHIFTER MECHANISM SLEEVE TOOL FOR 6‑SPEED 750335 Shifter shaft sleeve tool Use to remove and install the shifter shaft sleeve in all 5 speed Big Twin transmissions and most aftermarket 6 Speed transmissions. This tool may be used to remove or install replacement or upgrade shifter shaft sleeve, assembly and drum. Works for Big Twins 1980 thru 1999 as well as Twin Cam 1999 thru 2006, except 2006 Dyna models. 6024 JIMS SHIFTER SHAFT SLEEVE TOOL 235802 Main drive gear bushing tool Used for replacing and installing main drive gear bushings on all BigTwinmodels from 1936 thru 1986. 6023 MAIN DRIVE GEAR BUSHING TOOL 751083 Jims trapdoor bearing tool This tool is designed to remove and install the transmission door bearings. With this tool you can also remove the door for replacement without removing the complete transmission assembly. For use on 1980 thru 2006 Big Twins with stock or aftermarket 5‑ or aftermarket 6 Speed transmissions. Also works on transmissions with larger‑than‑stock size trapdoor bearings. 6022 JIMS TRANSMISSION DOOR BEARING TOOL 721545 5‑speed Transmission shaft installer This tool allows easy installation of transmission shafts, without the need to use an arbor or hydraulic press. Can be used to install the mainshaft as well as the counter shaft in 5 Speed and 6 Speed transmissions. 6021 JIMS 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION SHAFT INSTALLER 750702 Transmission door puller for 2006 to present Dyna and 2007 to present Twin Cam This handy tool allows you to easily remove the complete trap door with gears and shafts from the transmission housing on 2006 to present Dyna models, as well as all 2007 to present 6‑Speed Twin Cammodels. 6020 JIMS TRANSMISSON DOOR REMOVER TOOL 751091 Jims trap door bearing tool for late 6‑speed An other innovative tool from Jims that will accurately install a lubed ball bear‑ ing into the transmission trap door. Also removes bearing without error and can be performed on a work bench, no need for an arbor press. Comes complete with instruction sheet‑Works on the 6‑speed transmission as used in 2006 to present Dyna, 2007 to present Softail and 2007 to present Touring models. 6018 JIMS CRUISE DRIVE 6‑SPEED TRAP DOOR BEARING REMOVER/INSTAL‑ LER KIT 721546 Trap door puller for 1980 thru 2006 Big Twin 5 Speed and most aftermarket 6 Speed transmissions Thishandytooleasilyremovesthetrapdoor from 5‑ and 6 Speed transmissions. This puller pulls the trapdoor with the gears and shafts attached without damaging the door bearing. 6019 JIMS TRAP DOOR PULLER 753617 Jims bearing and race puller tool This tool has been designed to remove the press fit transmission gears and bearings from input and output shafts on all V‑Rod models 2002‑present. Comes complete with JIMS T‑bar and hardware. If heat is needed to remove race see tool ZPN 751111 surface temperature indicator strips. • Also removes the flywheel sprocket shaft inner bearing race on all 1955 thru 1999 Big Twin and 1999 to present Twin Cam. • Also to remove pinion shaft inner bearing race on 1954 to present Sportster and air cooled Buell's. 6017 JIMS TRANSMISSION GEAR AND BEARING PULLER TOOL FOR V‑ROD 753608 Jims countershaft bearing tool This Jims tool will install the closed end countershaft bearing on all Big Twin and Twin Cam 5‑speed, aftermarket 6‑speed and 2006 and later Twin Cam "Cruise Drive" 6‑speed transmissions without using a press or tapping it in with the transmission counter shaft. A precision hand tool that makes installation of the bearing square and at the correct depth. Comes complete with comprehensive instructions. 6016 JIMS COUNTERSHAFT BEARING REMOVER & INSTALLER B. 753610 Use on 2006 to present Dyna, 2007 to present Softail and 2007 to present Touring A. 753611 Use in all OEM and aftermarket 5‑speed transmissions and aftermarket 6‑speeds in 1980 thru 2006 Big Twin and Twin Cam, except 2006 Dyna These tools align, center and install the shifter shaft oil seal at the correct depth in the transmission housing. 6015 JIMS TRANSMISSION SHIFTER SHAFT SEAL INSTALLER TOOLS & CHEMICALS TRANSMISSION TOOLS (Site 1404)


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