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VALVE GUIDE MACHINING TOOL For Sportster 1957 thru 1985 (exhaust)

231392 - VALVE GUIDE MACHINING TOOL  For Sportster 1957 thru 1985 (exhaust) Your Price 74,02 €  

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Article-No.: 231392
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 23-041
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: n/a



For Sportster 1957 thru 1985 (exhaust)
Cutter body pilots

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one Site back 23-041 25 CROSSREF ZPN>PAGE 24 TECHTIPS& CROSSREF >ZPN 26 ALPHABETICAL INDEX 01 HELMETS, LUGGAGE, AUDIO&MORE 05 ENGINE ELECTRICS 09 TRANSMISSION 13 FOOT CONTROL 17 FENDER &STRUTS 21 MIRROR 03 EXHAUST 07 ENGINE 11 WHEELS& TIRE 15 FRONT SUSPENSION 19 OILTANK,FILTER &LINE 23 OIL,CHEMICALS &TOOLS 02 SEAT 06 INTAKE 10 FINALDRIVE 14 HANDLEBAR 18 GASTANK& INSTRUMENT 22 WINDSHIELD 04 ELECTRIC &LIGHT 08 PRIMARY 12 BRAKE 16 CHASSIS/ FRAME &SHOCKS 20 FASTENERS CAM BEARING INSTALL TOOL This tool makes it possible to install the cam needle bearing without damaging the bearing on all single cam Big Twin models 1958 thru 1999. 237351 Bearing install tool SPORTSTER CAM BEARING PULLER Remove the inner cam bearing on your 1957 thru 1990 Sportster without splitting the cases. This tool easily pulls the bearing from the case, and it also keeps the rollers from coming out during removal. Works on all 4 Speed Sportster models 1957 thru 1990. 237338 Sportster cam bearing puller JIMS INNER CAM BEARING REMOVER TOOL This tool allows you to easily remove the inner cam bearing on Twin Cam models with roller chain driven cams, such as 2006 Dyna and all 2007 thru 2017 Twin Cam. 750696 Inner cam bearing tool JIMS 5 SPEED TWIN CAM INNER CAM BEARING REMOVER Bearing remover for 1999 thru 2005 Dyna, 1999 thru 2006 Touring and 2000 thru 2006 Softail. Designed like Jims' popular Evolution cam bearing tool to remove the bearing easily without any damage to the crankcase. This precision built tool will also keep the pin rollers from accidentally falling into the crankcase. 720487 Inner cam bearing remover tool JIMS CAM BEARING PULLER FOR BIG TWIN For removing the inner cam bearing from a 1958 thru 1999 Big Twin case set without splitting the cases, it also prevents the rollers from falling out while removing. 235787 Jims Cam bearing puller for Big Twin JIMS PINION BUSHING PULLER Use to remove pinion bushing from cam cover in one easy operation on all BigTwin models from 1954 thru 1999, except Twin Cam. 237346 Jims pinion bushing puller ROCKER ARM BUSHING & ROLLER BEARING PULLER Use to pull out the rocker arm bushing or rollerbearingon1957topresentSportster, 1966 thru 1999 Big Twin and 1999 thru 2017 Twin Cam (OEM 95760-57). 237339 Rocker arm bushing & roller bearing puller JIMS PINION BUSHING DRILL TOOL FOR BIG TWIN Special tool for installing and drilling dowel pin hole in the pinion bushing to factory location on Big Twin motors from 1954 thru 1992. Tool is supplied with drill number #31. 235797 For use on 1954 thru 1992 Big Twins JIMS DRILL TOOL FOR CAM BUSHINGS Special tool for installing and drilling dowel pin hole in cam bushing to the factory location. Tool is supplied with drill number 31. 235798 Big Twin 1970 thru 1999, except Twin Cam JIMS PUSHROD COVER CLIP INSTALL AND REMOVAL TOOL Why would I need this tool when I have been installing and removing pushrod covers for years with just a screw driver? Made from black delrin, this tool will NOT mar or slip and will install the clip professionally, with just one hand, in seconds! It's a luxury tool that you will appreciate for years to come. Works on all Harley models with clips on the pushrods. 751126 Jims Pushrod cover clip tool JIMS ROCKER BOX ALIGNMENT SCREWS FOR TWIN CAM Production tolerances on Twin Cam rocker covers can allow them to shift when being tightened. This can cause misalignment, which not only looks bad but can compromise the sealing surface. And especially in engines with high lift cams having the rocker covers relieved, misaligned covers can cause rocker interference unless extra material has been removed. For these reasons Jims developed these alignment screws, your guarantee that rocker covers are aligned correctly. Comprehensive instructions included. 753607 Jims Twin Cam rocker cover alignment screws S&S ROCKER COVER WRENCH SET This set is helpful in areas where the motorcycle frame may prevent the use of conventional tools. Kit contains 4 wrenches, suitable for most models. 750030 Rocker wrench set Cutter body pilots 231392 For Sportster 1957 thru 1985 (exhaust) VALVE TRAIN TOOLS O�L� C�E�I�A�S & T�O�S ( Site 1391 )


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