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JIMS Evo head bolt torque gauge

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Article-No.: 233145
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 23-039
Manufacturer/Distribution: JIMS / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: n/a


Part Description:

Head bolt torque gauge

Catalog Text:
This accurate gauge is made by Jims and allows precise measuring of 90° when tightening head bolts on Twin Cam, Evolution Big Twin, Evolution Sportster and air colled Buell models. The torquing sequence is lasered on the gauge and it comes with instructions.

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one Site back 23-039 25 CROSSREF ZPN>PAGE 24 TECHTIPS& CROSSREF >ZPN 26 ALPHABETICAL INDEX 01 HELMETS, LUGGAGE, AUDIO&MORE 05 ENGINE ELECTRICS 09 TRANSMISSION 13 FOOT CONTROL 17 FENDER &STRUTS 21 MIRROR 03 EXHAUST 07 ENGINE 11 WHEELS& TIRE 15 FRONT SUSPENSION 19 OILTANK,FILTER &LINE 23 OIL,CHEMICALS &TOOLS 02 SEAT 06 INTAKE 10 FINALDRIVE 14 HANDLEBAR 18 GASTANK& INSTRUMENT 22 WINDSHIELD 04 ELECTRIC &LIGHT 08 PRIMARY 12 BRAKE 16 CHASSIS/ FRAME &SHOCKS 20 FASTENERS JIMS COMPRESSION RELEASE VALVE TOOL KIT For proper installation of compression release valves ZPN750300 or ZPN741345 in Twin Cam cylinder heads, this tool kit is strongly recommended. It will guide you in drilling the right holes (depth/ diameter) in the right position. Kit comes including instruction sheet. 750314 Compression release valve tool kit JIMS MINI VALVE SPRING TESTER Jims makes these testers in a hex design for more versatile handling and applications. Can be used in a vise, arbor, or drill press. Cylinder body and piston are manufactured from 2024 aluminum and a steel perch to provide years of service. Includes instructions. Protective rubber gauge boot reduces shock to gauge during handling and use. Scale runs from 0-1000 PSI. 751093 Jims mini valve spring tester JIMS VALVE SEAT LAPPING TOOL Use this tool to perform the final profile lapping of the valve seat. The suction cups affix to either dished or flat, and small or large valve faces. The comfortably shaped handle is ideal for quick and smooth rotations. 750316 Valve seat lapping tool JIMS "ON BIKE" VALVE SPRING COMPRESSOR FOR MILWAUKEE EIGHT It has always been necessary to remove the cylinder head from the engine when changing valve springs or valve seals. This tool eliminates this step. Just simply remove the rocker box and rocker arms, and install this tool on the rocker arm shaft. Then fill the cylinder with compressed air and you can easily rotate the tool and compress the top collar of the valve spring exposing the keepers to remove the top collar, valve spring and seal. A true time saver! 756312 Fits Milwaukee Eight models 2017 to present JIMS VALVE SPRING COMPRESSOR TOOL American made valve spring tool necessary for removing or installing valves. Works on all overhead valve 1936 to present Big Twin models, including Twin Cam and 1986 to present Evolution Sportster models 1986 to present. Must be used in conjunction with an optional collar on 2005 thru 2017 Twin Cam, 2004 to present Sportster & Buell and 2017 to present Milwaukee Eight. 235849 Jims valve spring compressor tool (OEM 96600-36B) 750691 Optional collar for use on 2005 to present Twin Cam models and 2004 to present Sportster & Buell models 753682 Optional collar for use on 2017 to present Milwaukee Eight ACCEL ENGINE PORT POLISHING KIT This kit is designed for use on cast iron and aluminum components. It allows you to do your own detailed porting, polishing, and removal of flashing on all engine parts with the use of an electric drill. The kit contains one tapered cutting stone, one 1" (25.4mm) diameter mini grind-flex flat wheel, 31 assorted sizes grind-polishing rolls, and three various length mandrels. 797068 Accel engine port and polish kit JIMS HEAD BOLT TORQUE GAUGE FOR EVOLUTION ENGINES This accurate gauge is made by Jims and allows precise measuring of 90° when tightening head bolts on Twin Cam, Evolution Big Twin, Evolution Sportster and air colled Buell models. The torquing sequence is lasered on the gauge and it comes with instructions. 233145 Head bolt torque gauge JIMS HEAD HOLDER TOOL A very handy tool when working on cylinder heads. It holds the head through the spark plug hole and can be clamped in a vise. 239477 Has 12 and 14mm ends to be used on 1948 thru 1999 Big Twin, 1957 to present Sportster and 1999 thru 2017 Twin Cam 753697 Has 10 and 12mm ends to be used in 1986 to present Sportster, 1999 thru 2017 Twin Cam, 2017 to present Milwaukee Eight and 2015 to present Street JIMS PISTON PIN CLIP REMOVER & INSTALLER Jims developed these tools to easily remove and install wire type wrist pin clips without damage to the piston. 750326 Use on OEM 1984 thru 1999 Evolution pistons 753698 Use on OEM 88, 96 and 103CI Twin Cam pistons 753688 Use on 110CI Screamin' Eagle pistons PISTON RING END GAP TOOL Made by Jims USA this tool makes measuring piston ring end gap faster and more accurate. The flanged design allows the piston ring to fit exactly square into the cylinder bore. Jims claims that this is the first tool that is designed to test the oil ring gaps by a proprietary cutout feature. Just install any ring, top, 2nd or oil control rails on the tool and then into the cylinder bore and view the key slot. Use a feeler gauge to get your end gap measured. Each side of the tool is made for checking standard size piston rings. 751100 Use on standard size Twin Cam pistons with 3.875" or 4.000" bore 751101 Use on standard size Twin Cam pistons with 4.125" or 4.310" bore TOP END TOOLS O�L� C�E�I�A�S & T�O�S ( Site 1389 )


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