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Arlen Ness wheel bearing ABS

560190 - Arlen Ness wheel bearing ABS Ihr Preis 48,97 EUR 

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Artikel-Nr.: 560190
Verpackungseinheit: 1
Katalogseite: 362
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: ARLEN NESS / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: n/a



Arlen Ness wheel bearing ABS

Stock style replacement ABS wheel bearing front/rear; 25mm ID; used on ABS sensor side only; 1 used per wheel

Fits: 08-20 all models equipped with ABS & stock wheel diameter

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Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous WHEELS 06 362 AFTERMARKET PARTS & ACCESSORIES FOR CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES |  MOTORCYCLESTOREHOUSE.COM TTS, REDUCER BUSHING WHEEL HUB Installed into brake rotor mount hole of the wheel hub. Used to reduce the mount holes for the brake rotor from 7/16" to 5/16". Stainless steel. 900129 Mount hole reducer bushing 900129 1" TO 3/4" AXLE REDUCER KIT Used to install an early style 3/4" (19mm) axle in a wheel designed for a 1" (25.4mm) axle. 502029 1" to 3/4" axle reducer kit 502029 TTS AXLE REDUCER SLEEVE Used when 3/4" diameter wheel axles are used in wheels with 1" I.D. bearings. Note: For wider wheels it is always advised to use 1" diameter wheel axles for the superior strength. 517783 Axle reducer sleeve 517783 530503 530501 530506 ALL BALLS, WHEEL BEARING & SEAL KITS Includes bearings, and seals where applicable, for one wheel unless mentioned otherwise. 67-99 H-D 530505 52-72 XL, FX (front); 52-78 XL (rear) 530506 58-78 XL (rear) 530503 67-72 FL front & rear; 71-72 FX rear 530502 73-99 B.T. (excl. 80-81 FLT rear); 73-99 XL front and 79-99 XL rear. With .40" wide seal 530501 73-99 FX, FXR, FXD (front); 73-99 XL (front). With .30" wide seal 00-20 H-D 08-20 H-D models equipped with ABS use one or two 25mm wheel bearings on the ABS sensor side, of which one is a special 'ABS encoder bearing'. On the opposite side of the wheel 530509 / 530508 'standard' wheel bearings are used. Replaces OEM 9267 (3/4" standard sealed ball bearing), OEM 9247 (1"/25.4mm standard sealed ball bearing), OEM 9252 (25mmABS sealed ball bearing) and OEM 9276/A (25mm standard sealed ball bearing for ABS & non-ABS models). 530504 3/4" (19.05mm) ID. 2-pack. Repl. 9267 530507 1" (25.4mm) ID. 2-pack. Repl. 9247 530509 25mm ID. 2-pack, non-ABS. Repl. 9276A 530508 25mm ID. 4-pack, non-ABS (for 2 wheels). Repl. 9276A 530642 25mm Front wheel pack (incl. 1 non-ABS and 1 ABS bearing) 530643 25mm Rear wheel pack (incl. 3 non-ABS and 1 ABS bearing) 530644 25mm ID 'ABS' bearing. Incl. 1 ABS bearing. Repl. 9252 08-17 V-Rod 530509 25mm ID front wheel, set non-ABS. 2-pack 530642 25mm ID front wheel, set ABS (incl. 1 non-ABS and 1 ABS bearing) 530426 25mm ID rear wheel pack non-ABS (incl. 2 non-ABS and 1 pulley bearing) 530427 25mm ID rear wheel pack ABS (incl. 1 non-ABS, 1 ABS bearing and 1 pulley bearing) Universal Used in various custom wheels. Fits in combination with 3/4" or 1" diameter axles. ID OD Wide 530415 3/4" 47mm 14mm 530416 1" 52mm 15mm 530505 530508 530507 73-99 H-D MODELS 00-20 H-D MODELS 530502 73-20 WHEEL BEARINGS 73-99 H-D models Replacement tapered roller bearing. Fits front and rear wheels on 73-99 B.T. & Twin Cam models (excl. 80-81 FLT rear); 73-99 XL front and 79-99 XL rear. Also fits swingarms on 58-86 4-speed Big Twin (excl. Softail). 513725 Bearing & race assembly. Repl. 9052 00-20 H-D models 00-20 style replacement sealed roller bearings. 3/4" / 19.05mm ID bearings Used on various 00-13 models. 1" / 25.4mm ID bearings Used on various 00-07 models. 25mm ID bearings Used on various 07-20 models. Fitment includes 09- 20 Touring rear wheel pulley. On ABS models special ABS encoder bearings, are to be used on the ABS sensor side. Non-ABS bearings 513721 3/4" (19mm) ID. Repl. 9267 513718 1 inch (25.4mm) ID. Repl. 9247 513727 25mm ID. Repl. 9276B NA Bearing wheel pulley. Repl. 9254 ABS bearings ABS bearings. Stock style replacement for 08-20 models equipped with an ABS sensor and stock wheel diameters. On the opposite side of the wheel the 513727 regular non-ABS wheel bearing is used. MCS Ness 513723 560190 25mm ID with ABS encoder for all stock applications. Repl. 9252A ABS bearings for custom diameter wheels ABS bearings for use with other than stock sized wheel diameters. These special ABS bearings prevent the ECU triggering trouble codes. ID 25mm. On the op- posite side of the wheel the 513727 regular non-ABS wheel bearing is used. MCS Ness 513728 560191 For 21" wheels 513729 560192 For 23" wheels 513731 560193 For 26" wheels 513725 513718 A different bearing with another size wheel? On ABS equipped bikes, the ECU (on-board computer) knows what specific wheel diameter is factory installed on that bike. When installing another wheel diameter, that is custom for the specific bike, the ECU will trigger fault codes / trouble codes. Special 'ABS bearings for custom diameter wheels' will prevent these 'different wheel diameter' trouble/fault codes. Tech-tip 513729 ABS bearings for custom diameter wheels 530504 SEE THE MOTORCYCLE STOREHOUSE TOOL CATALOG! For a wide selection of model specific & general tools to do the job right.


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