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All Balls, head bearing & seal kit

530636 - All Balls, head bearing & seal kit Ihr Preis 34,92 EUR 

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Artikel-Nr.: 530636
Verpackungseinheit: 1
Katalogseite: 284
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: ALL BALLS / Motorcycle Storehouse
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All Balls, head bearing & seal kit

Includes steering head bearings, races & seals

Fits: 14-20 Touring, Trikes

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Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous 04 FRAME & CHASSIS 284 AFTERMARKET PARTS & ACCESSORIES FOR CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES |  MOTORCYCLESTOREHOUSE.COM 519432 DUST SHIELD KITS, FRAME NECK BEARINGS Designed to help keep grease in and water & dirt out. 49-84 FL, FLH; 84-17 Softail; 80-13 FLT/Touring; 91-05 Dyna; 82-03 XL Repl. 48365-48A lower and 48361-80 upper cover. 504060 Chrome plated 504061 Zinc plated 06-17 Dyna; 04-20 XL; 08-12 XR1200; 02-17 V-Rod 504062 06-07 Dyna lower; 08-17 all Dyna Upper & lower. Repl. 48198-06 504063 06-07 Dyna upper; 04-20 all XL upper & lower; 08-12 XR1200 upper & lower; 02-17 V-Rod upper & lower. Repl. 48184-01 HEAD BEARING & RACES FOR FRAME CUP Fits all 49-20 B.T. (excl.14-20 Touring, Trike) and 82-20 XL; 02-17 V-Rod; 95-10 Buell XB. 519080 Timken, tapered bearing only 507670 Timken, tapered bearing race only 900095 Tapered bearing & race set 900095 530500 FRAME NECK BEARING & SEAL KITS Steering head bearing kits for frame cups. Kit includes a set of bearings & races. Comes with special designed seals to help keep grease in and water / dirt out. All Balls 530500 49-20 B.T. (excl.14-20 Touring, Trikes); 82-20 XL; 02-17 V-Rod; 95-10 Buell XB 530636 14-20 Touring, Trikes. Repl. 45700009 Import 577074 14-20 Touring, Trikes. Repl. 45700009 504061 504063 530636 B.T., STAINLESS 3° RAKED FRAME NECK CUP SET Fits all 49-84 FL, FX, FXWG; 84-86 Softail and most custom frames. As shown in the stationary set-up (the white tube represents the fork stem) the whole front fork, including the triple trees, is raked 3 degrees. These special machined frame cups, which do not include the bearings and bearing races, will take the place of your stock cups.All other stock components can be re-used. 900101 CPV. Frame cup set 900861 Streethogs. Frame cups & internal fork stop kit Replacement parts 519080 Timken, tapered bearing only 507670 Timken, tapered bearing race only 900095 Tapered bearing & race set 900101 900861 FRAME NECK CUPS Fits 49-84 FL, FX, FXWG and 84-86 Softail models. Repl. 48311-60. 900100 Chrome 900984 Stainless 900372 Street Hogs. Stainless 900372 78-81 XL FRAME NECK BEARING PARTS OEM type replacement parts for 78-81 XL models. 950036 Frame cups. Repl. 48310-78 945586 Timken, tapered bearing only. Repl. 45586-78 507670 Timken, tapered bearing race only. Repl. 48315-60 900095 Tapered bearing & race set 950036 945586 507670 54-77 XL FRAME NECK CUP & BEARING CONVERSION KIT This conversion kit fits 54-77 K, XL models. It replaces the frame cups with OEM style loose ball bearing type and converts it to the newer tapered style head bearings. Complete kit 519430 Complete kit Replacement parts 519432 Bearing cup 945586 Bearing NA Bearing race 519430 GREASE FITTINGS Grease nipples for stock and universal applications. Used in T-bars, and numerous other places that need to be re-greased on a regular base. 1936-1984 H-D ® style (5/16"-32) 990240 Colony, chrome 929904 Colony, zinc. Repl. 9851B 999851 Import, zinc. Repl. 9851B 502655 Univ. dust boot 1909-1938 H-D ® style (flat top 5/16"-32) 990238 Colony, nickel. Repl. 9850 / 0340 999851 990240 990238 502655 502656 When the front end is removed from the frame its a good time to install a grease fitting (MCS 999851) in your frame neck. Be sure to clean thorougly after installation. If it's time for your neck bearings to be greased, just whip out your grease gun and you're ready in seconds! tech-tip SEE THE MOTORCYCLE STOREHOUSE TOOL CATALOG! For a wide selection of model specific & general tools to do the job right. FRAME CUPS HEAD BEARINGS


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