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Artikel-Nr.: 900750
Verpackungseinheit: 1
Katalogseite: 281
Hersteller/Vertrieb:: Motorcycle Storehouse / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: 48332-48B





Fits: 49-84 FL; 80-86 FXWG; 84-17 Softail (excl. models with the 4453 upper tree bolt & 4350A clamping screw system); 93-02 FXDWG (NU)

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Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous 04 FRAME & CHASSIS 281 MOTORCYCLESTOREHOUSE.COM   | AFTERMARKET PARTS & ACCESSORIES FOR CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES PINGEL, STEERING STABILIZERS Stabilizer with round aluminum body. Includes brackets for easy bolt-on installation. Adjustable damping. 914518 86-99 Softail FXSTC 914519 93-02 Dyna (excl. FXDWG) 914520 88-03 XL with 39mm forks PINGEL, FORK TUBE BRACKET STEERING STABILIZER Two-piece bracket which enables to mount the steering stabilizer to the fork tube. 914531 39mm forks 914532 41mm forks Weld-on frame bracket Unless you have a suitable existing mount hole, a bracket must be used to connect the steering stabilizer to the frame. Use this bracket to weld-on, or fabricate your own. 914533 Weld-on frame bracket 914520 914531 914533 SPRINGER STEERING DAMPERS Reproduction for all 45" Sidevalve and Big Twin models with Springer forks in combination with early OEM style handlebars. 971480 All 45" SV models. Black knob 971481 All 45" SV models. Chrome knob 971482 All B.T. inline Springer. Chrome knob 971483 All B.T. offset Springer. Chrome knob 971483 971481 514680 LOWER TRIPLE TREE COVER Stock replacement, fits over lower cast triple tree. Gives a more finished look. Chrome plated. 514680 80-94 FXWG, FXST models. Repl. 67773-80A BEARING ADJUSTER Zinc plated OEM replacement item. 1"-24 threaded. 900750 49-84 FL; 80-86 FXWG; 84-17 Softail (excl. models with the 4453 upper tree bolt & 4350A clamping screw system); 93-02 FXDWG. Repl. 48332-48C, 48324-00A 900750 901180 963036 963035 CULT-WERK, TRIPLE TREE BOLTS High quality steel, black zinc plated. Clamps triple trees to forks. 963036 02-11 all V-Rod models 963035 12-17 V-Rod Muscle, Night Rod Special FORK BEARING ADJUSTER, CONE Fits most 49-up style B.T. models (excl. FLST, FLT and narrow glides) and many customs. Will let you adjust pre-load on the neck bearings. Upper dust shield not needed due to the cone shape. Chrome plated, 1"-24 threaded. Repl. 48330-48C. 901180 49-84 FL; 80-86 FXWG; 84-13 FXST models; 93-13 FXDWG LOWER TREE COVER, NARROW GLIDES Fits to lower triple tree of narrow glide models. 502330 71-85 FX; 82-87 FXR; 71-87 XL (35mm tubes). Repl. 45751-71TA and 45708-85T 502330 TRIPLE TREE PINCH BOLT SET Chrome plated allen head bolt kits used to clamp lower triple trees to fork tubes. 510685 57-83 FX, XL models. Repl. 4411 928071 49-84 FLH; 80-86 FXWG and 84-02 FXST/B (excl. FXSTD). Repl. 4729 and 7039 510905 80-86 FXWG; 84-99 FXST. Incl. headlamp mount 510685 510905 CULT-WERK, TRIPLE TREE BOLTS Black zinc plated finish, for a lasting good look. Great for the finishing touch in a blacked-out Breakout or Sportster. Kit includes two bolts for the upper and two or four bolts for the lower triple tree. 13-17 Softail FXSB Breakout 563584 4-pack 18-20 Softail FXBR/S Breakout 563590 6-pack 86-15 XL 563759 4-pack 16-20 XL 563760 6-pack 563584 563590 COLONY BOLT COVER, FORK STEM Chrome plated. Attached with 1/4-20 set-screw. 989744 49-84 FL; 80-86 FXWG; 80-13 FLT / Touring; 84-17 Softail (excl. FXST models) and 93-17 FXDWG, 06-17 Dyna 989744 STEERING STABILIZERS REPLACEMENT PARTS TRIPLE TREES 914518 Getting the shakes, or not Hydraulic steering stabilizers, or fork dampers, are adaptable to most motorcycles.Added damp- ing can give an increase in high speed stability and ultimately help prevent the dreaded speed wobble. Not just for drag or street racers, but regular riding as well. Tech-tip


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