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KING SPORTSTER GAS TANKS With two cam lock type gas caps (style A)

011148 - KING SPORTSTER GAS TANKS  With two cam lock type gas caps (style A) Your Price 159,24 EUR 

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Article-No.: 011148
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 19-013
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: n/a



With two cam lock type gas caps (style A)
Fits 1979 thru 1981 models

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one Site back 19 - 013 ONE PIECE SPORTBOB TANKS FOR SPORTSTER These tanks have an improved rubber mount at the front and back.Available for Sportster models 1957 thru 1978 and 1982 thru 2003.Tanks are designed to bolt to the original mounts. 1982 to present tank is available with Screw-In type gas cap, the Quick Cam lockable flush cap, a large chrome plated and lockable aluminumAero-style gas cap, and the latest Pop-up style gas cap. Except for the cam lock and Screw-In style, the gas cap are included with the tank. Combine this tank with our Wide Glide conversion kit, Ducktail front fender and a nostalgic seat to create your own Heritage look. Tank holds approx. 3.8 gallon (14,4L.). Fits 1957 thru 1978 011322 Dual cap Cam lock style tank (style A) Fits 1982 thru 2003 011473 Dual cap Screw-In style tank (style B) 011561 Dual cap Quick Cam lockable style tank, gas caps included (style D) 011745 Single cap Aero-style gas tank, large chrome plated lockable gas cap included 011842 With single paintable pop-up gas cap 011843 With single cap with chrome pop-up gas cap (style G) Note: Installation of ZP N011473, 011561 and 011745 tanks on 1995 thru 2003 Sportster models requires the use of ZP N011570 ignition switch and coil-relocation kit. This kit must be ordered separately. 011570 Ignition switch and coil relocation kit for 1995-2003 Sportster models LATE STYLE ROLLED EDGE KING TANK FOR SPORTSTER This tank has it all, the classic Peanut profile with the latest style rolled edges and increased fuel capacity for the extra miles. Holds approx. 3.4 gallon (12,9L.). Perfect for crash repairs or updating older models. Tanks come complete with mounting hardware and rubber grommets. Available for use with OEM or aftermarket Screw-In gas cap. For those who want something else we also supply these tanks with various Custom gas caps, such as a chrome plated and lockable aluminum Aero-style gas cap, or Pop-up style gas cap in a paintable or chrome finish. Except for Screw-In type tanks, gas cap(s) are included with the tank. Center fill, fits 1982 thru 1994 Sportster models with S&S Super E or G carburetor 011701 For Screw-In style gas cap (style B) 011743 With midi Aero-style lockable gas cap (style E) 011836 With paintable Pop-up gas cap (style G) 011837 With chrome Pop-up gas cap (style G) Center fill, fits 1995 thru 2003 Sportster models 011575 For Screw-In style gas cap (style B) 011744 With midi Aero-style lockable gas cap (style E) Replacement Midi Aero-style gas cap 011526 Replacement Aero-style gas cap Midi vented (style E) KING SPORTSTER GAS TANKS Zodiac's King Size tanks for Sportster models have been a popular choice of Custom bike builders for many years.Through the years it has almost become a standard upgrade for those who want the mileage. This classic "King Sportster" gas tank is now also available with the late OEM style Screw-In gas cap as well as the latest fashion "Pop-up" gas cap for the 1982 thru 1994 models. Will bolt to the Stock frame mounts on all 1979 to 1994 Sportsters, including the Evolution models. Has a larger than stock fuel capacity for extra mileage. Holds approx. 3.1 gallon (11,7L.). Fits 1979 thru 1981 models 011148 Cam lock type gas caps (style A) Fits 1982 thru 1994 models 011378 Screw-In type gas caps (style B) 011830 Paintable pop up gas cap (style G) 011831 Chrome pop up gas cap (style G) LUGGAGE, AUDIO & MORE SEATS EXHAUST ELECTRIC & LIGHT ENGINE ELECTRICS INTAKE ENGINE PRIMARY TRANSMISSION FINAL DRIVE WHEELS & TIRE BRAKE FOOT CONTROL HANDLEBAR KIT BIKES FRONT SUSPENSION CHASSIS/ FRAME & SHOCKS FENDERS & STRUTS GASTANK & INSTRUMENT OILTANK, FILTER & LINE FASTENERS MIRRORS WINDSHIELDS OIL, CHEMICALS &TOOLS TECHTIPS & CROSS REF > ZPN CROSS REF ZPN > PAGE ALPHABETICAL INDEX GAS TANK & INSTRUMENT GAS TANKS The zinc-chromate primer finish on some of our tanks is provided for the protection of the tanks during shipment and storage. It is not recommended as a primer finish for paint applications without proper surface preparation. As with any fuel tank, particularly one where custom paint is to be applied, all tanks must be pressure tested, then cleaned with tank cleaner and sealed with tank sealer before painting, to protect the final finish and prevent internal rust during winter storage. Fuel capacity is measured with tank in upright position, angle of parked bike will determine actual capacity of the fuel tank. Gas Tank (Site 1213)


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