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ORIGINAL STYLE FAT BOB TANK 3 1/2 Gallon tank set (OEM 61218-67A & 61426-67A)

011303 - ORIGINAL STYLE FAT BOB TANK  3 1/2 Gallon tank set (OEM 61218-67A & 61426-67A) Your Price 213,07 EUR 

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Article-No.: 011303
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 19-003
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 61218-67A



3 1/2 Gallon tank set (OEM 61218-67A & 61426-67A)
Cam lock style gas tanks (style A)

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one Site back 19 - 003 MUSTANG QUICKBOB GAS TANK FOR 4 SPEED FRAME Large capacity 4.5 gallon (17L.) one piece Fat Bob style tank. Designed to fit all stock 4 Speed BigTwin swing arm frames 1972 thru 1984 (except FXST) when using OEM mounting hardware. Also usable for Custom applications. Accepts Harley style petcock.Available for use with early style cam-lock gas caps or the later style Screw-In type gas cap as well as our latest "Quick Cam" Lockable flush mount gas caps. Flush mount caps are included with this tank. 011295 Cam lock type gas tank (style A) 011312 Screw-In type gas tank (style B) 011565 Quick Cam lockable flush mount type tank includes set of gas caps (style D) ORIGINAL STYLE FAT BOB TANK Reproductions of the classic Fat Bob gas tank. Mounting is made to OEM specifications for a perfect fit on stock Harley 4 Speed Big Twin frames thru 1984 (except Softails).Also fits our Custom rigid and swing arm frames. Each tank is quality inspected and made to accept either the FX style dual instrument dash or the FL-FXWG style large speedo dash, for that Fat Bob look. Available in 3.5 gallon (13,2L.) and 5 gallon (18,9L.).Tank accepts OEM or after market gascaps and fuel valve. Cam lock style gas tanks (style A) 011303 3 1/2 Gallon tank set (OEM 61218-67A & 61426-67A) 011302 5 Gallon tank set (OEM 61211-67 & 61228-67A) Screw-In type gas tanks (style B) 011373 3 1/2 Gallon tank set (OEM 61219-83 & 61425-83) 011374 5 Gallon tank set (OEM 61213-83 & 61229-83) Lockable Quick-Lock flush style gas tank with caps (style D) 011558 5 Gallon tank set, includes lockable gas caps 011549 Lockable gas cap set (style D) LUGGAGE, AUDIO & MORE SEATS EXHAUST ELECTRIC & LIGHT ENGINE ELECTRICS INTAKE ENGINE PRIMARY TRANSMISSION FINAL DRIVE WHEELS & TIRE BRAKE FOOT CONTROL HANDLEBAR KIT BIKES FRONT SUSPENSION CHASSIS/ FRAME & SHOCKS FENDERS & STRUTS GASTANK & INSTRUMENT OILTANK, FILTER & LINE FASTENERS MIRRORS WINDSHIELDS OIL, CHEMICALS &TOOLS TECHTIPS & CROSS REF > ZPN CROSS REF ZPN > PAGE ALPHABETICAL INDEX GAS TANK & INSTRUMENT 6 GALLON FAT BOB TANKS FOR 4 SPEED FRAMES This King Size Fat Bob tank holds 6 gallon (22,7L.) and fits the 4 Speed Big Twin frames thru 1984 (except Softail models). Made on all new Zodiac tooling and therefore exclusively available from Zodiac.This large capacity tank does not look bulky. We kept the contours of the stock tank so it remains an integral part of the motorcycle. It's large capacity offers the extra mileage to those who want to go the distance.Available for cam lock caps or late type Screw-In gas caps. Accept stock style dashes. Due to the slightly different contour with flexible tank- panel (not die-cast). 011316 Cam lock type gas tank (style A) 011318 Screw-In type gas tank (style B) STRETCHED FLAT-SIDE TANKS FOR SOFTAIL MODELS These split stretched gas tanks will give your Softail that long, slippery stretched look associated with the top Custom bike builders.The stretched section is not a weld-on piece but an actual part of the tank. The exclusive stretched Zodiac tanks are the only one-piece steel tank available. Its design will give your bike smooth flowing lines and a very classy look. Due to the sleek design a narrow seat (like our Silhouette seats) must be used, stock seat may not fit. Fits all Softail models 1984 thru 1999.Available with Screw-In type gas caps, Quick Cam lockable flush or a set of our small chrome plated aluminum Aero-style gas caps. Gas caps are separately available. Stretched 2 piece gas tank with Screw-In type gas caps (style B) 011585 Stretched Slim Bob 4.1 gallon (15,5L.) 011584 Stretched Fat Bob 5.5 gallon (20,8L.) Stretched 2-piece gas tank with Quick Cam type gas caps, gas caps are included (style D) 011591 Stretched Slim Bob 5,3 gallon (20,1L.) 011590 Stretched Fat Bob 5,8 gallon (22L.) 011549 Lockable gas cap set (style D) Stretched 2-piece gas tank with Midi lockable aluminum Aero-style gas caps, gas caps are included (style E) 011733 Stretched Fat Bob 5,3 gallon (20,1L.) 011528 Replacement Aero gas cap set Midi (style E) 011526 Replacement Aero-style gas cap Midi vented (style E) 011527 Replacement Aero-style gas cap Midi non-vented (style E) Gas Tank (Site 1203)


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