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GZP Kickstand kit stock type Softail 89-

055056 - GZP Kickstand kit stock type Softail 89- Your Price 107,05 €  

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Article-No.: 055056
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 18-039
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: n/a


Part Description:

Stock length

Catalog Text:
Complete stock style kickstand kits. Available in stock length, as well as in a 1" shortened version for use on lowered bikes. Both kits have a show chrome finish. Fits Evolution Softail models 1989 thru 1999.

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one Site back 18-039 055070 Fits 1 1/8" frame tubes 055071 Fits 1 1/4" frame tubes 055072 Fits 1 1/2" frame tubes These kick- stands feature an internal spring and lockmechanism to provide a clean custom look. Kickstands have a flawless chrome finish, the mild steel weld-on bracket comes unfinished, allowing the custom bike builder to put it just where he wants it. Available with brackets for 1 1/8", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" frame tubes. 4633 CUSTOM WELDON KICKSTANDS 055056 Stock length 055060 1" shortened Complete stock style kickstand kits. Available in stock length, as well as in a 1" shortened version for use on lowered bikes. Both kits have a show chrome finish. Fits Evolution Softail models 1989 thru 1999. 4632 KICKSTAND KITS FOR SOFTAIL 781122 Parkerized black (OEM 11331-36 & 50003-36) 781123 Chrome Perfect reproduction of the OEM jiffy stand as found on 1936 thru 1957 Big Twin models. 4631 KICKSTAND KITS FOR 1936 THRU 1957 BIG TWIN 769065 Spring only, black (OEM 50012-30), also fits 1930-1931 769066 Leg bushing (OEM 50092-30), also fits 1930-1931 769063 Kick stand leg only (OEM 50060-30) with nut (OEM 7835), also fits 1930-1931 745960 Complete kick stand kit (OEM 11331-32A, 50002-32) 769064 U-bolt (OEM 1723-30, 50110-30) with nuts and washers, Colony, parkerized finish. Also fits 1930-1931 Exact copy from the OEM jiffy stand, also known as kick stand, as found on all 1932 and later 45CI Solo models. Complete kit includes leg, frame bracket, return spring and all hardware required for the installation. 4630 JIFFY STAND FOR 45CI SOLO MODELS 789395 Fits all 2018 to present HDI Softail (OEM 32700084) 789393 Fits all 2008-2017 HDI Softail (OEM 49716-08B) 789394 Fits all 2008 to present HDI Sportster & all 2008 to present HDI Touring (OEM 50126-08B) Sensor switches as found on HDI International Export Models (VIN starting with 5HD). 4629 JIFFY STAND SENSOR SWITCHES Fits HDI European Export 2008 to present XL Sportster, 2008-2011 XR Sportster and 2008 to present Touring 169294 Jiffy stand sensor switch (OEM 50126-08B) Fits HDI European Export 2008-2017 Softail and 2015-2020 XG models 169293 Jiffy stand sensor switch (OEM 49716-08B) These switches are stock on Harley-Davidson models that were built for export. Easy to identify as since model year 2003 "HDI" International Export models have aVIN number that starts with 5HD, where US models have a VIN that starts with 1HD. Switches come pre-wired with installed wiring connector, ready to plug in the stock wiring harness. 28197 JIFFY STAND SENSOR SWITCH 358208 Fits 1987 thru 1992 FXR models, replaces OEM 11469, has built-in stud (OEM 11451) 781112 Fits 1989 thru 2006 Softail, 1995 thru 2004 FXDS-CON, FXDX and FXDXT, 1986 thru 2000 Sportster (OEM 62123-66), 10-Pack 781109 Fits 1991 thru 2000 Dyna (except FXDS-CON) and universal use on 1 1/8" (28.6mm) tubes (OEM 50054-90) 781110 Fits 2001 thru 2017 Dyna (OEM 50054-01) 781108 Fits all 1985 thru 2000 Touring and universal use on on 1 1/8" (28.6mm) tubes, (OEM 50059-85A) 781111 Fits all 2001 thru 2006 Touring (OEM 50245-99A) 351117 Fits all 2001 thru 2006 Touring (OEM 50245-99A) 055005 Fits all Softail models 2007 thru 2017 (OEM 62123-07) Stock replacement kickstand bumper rubbers. 4628 KICKSTAND BUMPER RUBBER KICKSTAND PARTS )Ȫ$ȥ( 5ȝ$Ȫ 6ȭ6Ȩ(Ȧ6ȡ2Ȧ (Site 1143)


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