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V-Twin Oil tank support rear BT36-57 Parkerized

781214 - V-Twin Oil tank support rear BT36-57 Parkerized Your Price 34,06 €  

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Article-No.: 781214
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 20-041
Manufacturer/Distribution: V-Twin Manufacturing / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 62585-36


Part Description:

Rear support, parkerized (OEM 62585-36)

Catalog Text:

This replica wrap-around oil tank features seam-welded edges, which show weld marks as the genuine oil tanks did back in those days. Fits 1936 thru 1940 E & EL, 1938 thru 1947 U, UL, UH & UHL and 1941 thru 1957 F & FL Big Twins.

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one Site back 20-041 789427 Black (OEM 62498-89A) 789428 Chrome (OEM 62498-89A) Replica oil tank fits 1989-1999 Evolution Softail and has stock 3 Quart (2.84 Liter) capacity. 5257 STOCK STYLE OIL TANK FOR 19891999 SOFTAIL 236170 Horseshoe oil tank for Sportster Softail frame This heavy gauge raw steel oil tank is designed for use in our Sportail Softail frame. It will clear the final drive belt on the right side. 5256 HORSESHOE OIL TANK FOR ZODIAC SPORTSTER SOFTAIL FRAME 241320 Domed chrome oil tank, side fill 241307 Octagonal chrome oil tank, center fill Chrome plated custom oil tanks in Domed Cylindrical or Octagonal style. Tanks feature a battery box measuring 7"x4" (178mm x 102mm) and come with oil tank plug, brackets, anti-vibration rubber stud mount and hardware. Fit Softail models 1989 thru 1999, as well as most custom frames. Domed tanks measure 12 1/2" (320mm) long and have a diameter of 6 1/4" (160mm). 5255 CHROME PLATED CUSTOM OIL TANK FOR SOFTAIL 011370 Oil tank FXR, chrome Beautiful, triple chrome plated oil tank for 1982 thru 1994 FXR models (except 1986 up Super Glide models). Included with the tank is a remote drain hose fitting kit which allows it to be drained from the kickstand side through a rubber hose. When the hose is not in use it plugs onto a dummy fitting. Hose, clamps and dummy fitting are included in the kit (OEM 62406-81/86 and 62414-86). 5254 CHROME PLATED OIL TANK FOR FXR 781289 Chrome 781290 Cad plated 781291 Parkerized Exact replicas of the OEM hardware to bolt the oil tank to the frame on all 1936-1957 Big Twins. Includes 2 spacers (OEM 3503-36C & 62581-36), 2 stud nuts (OEM 0117 & 7752), 2 bolts (OEM 3748-26 & 4013), 2 bolts (OEM 064 & 3974) and 4 washers (OEM 0259 & 7040). 5253 COLONY EARLY BIG TWIN OIL TANK MOUNT KIT 781215 U-clamps, set of 2, chrome (OEM 59800-36) 781232 U-clamps, set of 2, parkerized (OEM 59800-36) 781214 Rear support, parkerized (OEM 62585-36) 781213 Stock 1938-1957 style oil tank, black painted. Includes screw-in dip stick but has no battery mount tabs (OEM 62504-38) This replica wrap-around oil tank features seam-welded edges, which show weld marks as the genuine oil tanks did back in those days. Fits 1936 thru 1940 E & EL, 1938 thru 1947 U, UL, UH & UHL and 1941 thru 1957 F & FL Big Twins. 5252 EARLY BIG TWIN STYLE OIL TANKS 011383 Fits 1983 thru 1993 models 011706 Fits 1994 thru 2003 models (OEM 62475-94A & 62475-97) Super looking oil tank that adds a bright splash of chrome to the right side of all 1983 thru 2003 Sportster models. Replaces the original equipment part and matches perfectly with our battery and ignition module covers. On 1983 thru 1993 models the stock filler cap can be used, the oil tank for 1994 thru 2003 models comes complete with filler cap. 5251 CHROME OIL TANK FOR SPORTSTER 780241 Stickers "OIL", 1" x 5/16", set of 2 780092 Oil capWLA, WLC (OEM 3507-37N) Eaton style oil tank cap found on WLA & WLC models. Classic army green finish. 5248 SAMWEL OIL CAP FOR 45CI ARMY MODELS Aero Gas caps with 120mm outer diameter flange 011525 Gas cap vented 011539 Replacement gasket & O-ring Aero Gas caps with 95mm outer diameter flange 011528 Gas cap set vented and non vented 011526 Gas cap vented 011527 Gas cap non vented Flush mount chrome plated aluminum racing style gas caps. Can be used as re- placement on all steel Zodiac tanks with Aero-style gas cap. Can also be used on oth- er Custom tanks with Aero-style gas caps. 5082 CHROME PLATED AEROSTYLE ALUMINUM GAS CAPS OIL TANK *ș6Ϝ 2ȡ/ 7ș1ȣ (Site 1239)


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