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CCE PETCOCK HD LATE 13/16", straight

25246 - CCE PETCOCK HD LATE 13/16", straight Your Price 24,47 €  

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Article-No.: 25246
Packaging Unit: 1(Each)
Catalog page: 16.71
Manufacturer/Distribution: Custom Chrome Europe / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 62129-75T


Part Description:

PETCOCK HD LATE 13/16", straight
With chromed 13/16 nut and nylon filter screen

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16.71 for more details check SHEETMETAL APPAREL HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS Reserve Petcocks with 22 mm Threads 75-06 All the features of 3/8" NPT reserve petcocks, but specifically designed to fit 1975 and later tanks with 22mm tank bung. No adapter required. Petcocks have the adapter nut installed for you. No additional sealants required. Chrome Polished 26835 n/a Single outlet (illustration ‘A’) 27085 27087 Single outlet (illustration ‘G’) 27086 n/a Single outlet with nipple down (illus. ‘H’) Replacement Mounting Nut 26843 For use with 22mm threaded petcocks only Reserve Petcocks with 3/8"-NPT Threads Pre 75 Primarily for use on street bikes. The reserve position provides compara- ble reserve fuel amount to the OEM and other aftermarket petcocks. Chrome Polished 26700 26600 Single outlet (illustration ‘A’) 27089 27091 Single outlet (illustration ‘G’) 27090 27092 Single outlet with nipple down (illus. ‘H’) n/a 26612 Dual outlet (illustration ‘D’) Adapter Nut Permits installation of 3/8"-NPT petcocks on OEM and aftermarket gas tanks with 7/8" or 22mm tank bungs. 26602 Chrome-plated brass Rebuild Kits for Reserve Petcocks Complete rebuild kit for single or dual outlet reserve valves. Includes necessary tools, photos, instructions and parts for three fuel valves. A 5 1/2" bench vise is required. 26718 Complete kit with tools and components for 3 Pingel petcocks 26719 Components only with parts to rebuild 5 Pingel petcocks These petcocks are for use on competition or display bikes only, and do not conform with fed- eral motor vehicle safety standards, or State law, or both. These parts and components must never be used on street legal motorcycles." 27085 27086 Chrome Petcocks Engineered and designed to eliminate all internal O-rings. The inner- core design insures against gas leakage while providing maximum flow. Features a filter screen, reserve setting, and chrome body. 12726 Fits OEM and custom tanks thru 74 with internal 3/8" NPT con- nection 12727 3/8” NPT Petcock w/90 degree outlet. With reserve. 25245 Fits OEM and custom tanks 75-82 with external 13/16" nut con- nection 25243 Same fit as CC #25245 but with 90° barb 25245 12726 12727 25243 Chrome Replacement Petcocks Chrome-plated duplicates of the stock gas valves used from 75-06. Available in three different outlet tube options, straight down, left-hand or right-hand for applications at the front, rear, or either side of the gas tanks. Complete with a chromed 13/16" nut and nylon mesh filter screen. 25246 Straight down spigot 25252 Left-side spigot 25253 Right-side spigot 12731 Replacement 3-hole Viton seal (fits latest design with .260" fuel tubes) 25246 25252 25253


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