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DAYTONA Brake caliper piston #44118-80 2.250"

047536 - DAYTONA Brake caliper piston #44118-80 2.250" Your Price 15,96 €  

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Article-No.: 047536
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 13-021
Manufacturer/Distribution: DAYTONA / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 44118-80


Part Description:

Fits rear calipers on FL late 1980, FX late 1980-1982 & 1983 FXE, and front calipers on FL late 1980-1984, Daytona International (OEM 44118-80)

Catalog Text:

Replacement type caliper pistons for most models. Machined to OEM specifications for a perfect fit.

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one Site back 13-021 233857 Fits 1973 thru 1980 FL & FX models with 10" rear disc brake 233856 Fits FX models 1981 thru 1983 with 11.5" rear disc brake (OEM 44015-81) The cast rear brake caliper mounting bracket for 1981 thru 1983 FX models with 11.5" rear disc, offer improved support over earlier stamped steel bracket. Therefore Zodiac developed the same patterned bracket for the pre 1981 10" rear disc models. Besides the improved support these unique brackets provide better alignment for the 10" rotor systems, this promotes greater pad and bushing life. Both brackets have a beautiful chrome finish. 3444 CALIPER MOUNTING "Y" BRACKETS FOR 10" & 11.5" ROTORS 144031 Caliper mount bracket Show-chromed rear caliper mount bracket, fits Big Twin models 1973 thru 1980 (OEM 44166-73). 3442 CALIPER MOUNT BRACKET 148126 Fits Softail models late 1987 thru 1999 (OEM 44207-87) 148128 Fits FXR models 1984 thru 1994 (OEM 44205-84) Add a chrome highlight to your swingarm and rear brake appearance with these chrome plated rear caliper brackets. Cast aluminum construction, machined to the OEM tolerances for a quick and easy installation. Work with to present Kelsey type rear calipers and available for FXR and Softail models. 3441 CHROME PLATED REAR CALIPER BRACKETS 148145 Fits front on 2000-2003 XL and 2000-2017 Big Twin, except Springers and 2008-2017 Touring. Order 2 for dual disc applications 148148 Fits rear 2000-2005 FXD (OEM 44017-00A) These beautifully chrome plated calipers are a direct replacement for the OEM counterparts. Trick design front brake calipers can be used for ether left or right side applications. Rear brake calipers feature integrated caliper brackets. Both front- and rear calipers add more shine to your motorcycle. Calipers come complete with brake pads. Sold each. 3437 CHROME BRAKE CALIPERS 783175 Chrome rear brake caliper only (OEM 44076-86A) Rear brake caliper with pistons and seals bolts to the stock caliper bracket. Brake pads not included. Fits all 1986-1999 Touring models. 3436 19861999 TOURING REAR BRAKE CALIPER Chrome rear brake caliper brackets 148128 Fits FXR models 1984 thru 1994 (OEM 44205-84) 148126 Fits Softail models late 1987 thru 1999 (OEM 44207-87) 231279 Chrome, Daytona 231278 Black powder coated, Daytona 022410 Dust boot and caliper seal, Daytona (OEM 44007-80 & 44133-72) 047536 Piston only, Daytona (OEM 44118-80) Top quality Banana style brake caliper featuring the reliable 1980 thru early 1984 brake piston with square section O-rings and seals. Comes complete with brake pads, mounting bushings, pins and the caliper stabilizer device for rear applications and fits with the 1973 thru early 1980 "Boomerang" support bracket, or the later "Y" bracket used from late 1980 thru 1983. These calipers also fit 1972 thru early 1984 front applications but only without using the caliper stabilizer device. (Replace OEM 44000-78D, 44006-80A, 44008-80, 44101-81, 44105-72 & 44105-80). 3434 BANANA BRAKE CALIPERS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS %Ȫ$ȣ( 3439 ARLEN NESS BIG STOPPER BRAKE CALIPERS These 6-piston differential bore brake calipers are CNC machined from billet aluminum. They feature caliper bodies that are engineered for form and function. The 3D sculptured design with cooling fins machined into the inner caliper halves help facilitate cooling incurred while braking. Compatible with ABS & non-ABS applications. Calipers are sold each and include DP brake pads, bleeder screw, banjo bolt, sealing washers, mounting hardware and shim kit. Fits 2000 to present Touring, 2000 to present Softail, 2000 to present Sportster and 2000-2017 Dyna in conjunction with Arlen Ness 14" brake rotors A02211 Left side 14" front brake caliper, black A02213 Right side 14" front brake caliper, black A02202 Left side 14" front brake caliper, red A02205 Right side 14" front brake caliper, red 734778 Replacement brake pad set for one caliper (Site 839)


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