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19517 - CCE STAR HUB GASKET KIT Your Price 5,49 €  

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Article-No.: 19517
Packaging Unit: 1(KIT)
Catalog page: 13.48
Manufacturer/Distribution: Custom Chrome Europe / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 43570-35 43571-35 43576-31




Fits: 36-47 Knucklehead, 48-65 Panhead, 66 FL Shovel

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13.48 13 Axle Sleeves for Star Hubs 19698 Front axle sleeve (brake side) for Big Twins and Servi-Car from 49-66 (repl. OEM 43882-48) 19699 Left rear axle sleeve for Big Twins from 36-57 (repl. OEM 41600-36) 19698 19699 Star Hub Cover Kit Includes the chrome outer cover, inner cover with grease fitting, gasket and corks, screws and lockwashers. 19578 Fits Star Hubs from 36-66 Hub Rebuild Kits Hub rebuild kits for most Big Twin and Sportster models 55-99 with steel or aluminum hubs. Available with or without bear- ings, these kits include seals, bearing spacers, center spacers (between bearings) snap rings, washers and gaskets necessary to rebuild the specific hubs listed. Note: Kits do not contain outer axle spacers. With Bearings Without Bearings Fits dual flange hubs front and rear on FL models 73-83, front FXWG 80-84 and rear FX models 73-82. Contains 4.434" (yel- low) center spacer 14034 9 Fits “Mid star” hubs front and rear on FL models from 67-72 and rear on FX models from 71-72 14035 6 Fits Sportster rear hubs from 55-78 14035 5 Star Hub Rebuild Kit Kit includes necessary bearings, retainers, seals, gaskets, thrust washers, spacers and bearing sleeve to rebuild the stock style “Star” hub. Fits Big Twins front or rear wheels 36-66. 140353 Original Equipment-Style Star Hub Replacement Parts 33-66 19569 Thrust bearing sleeve (repl. OEM 43556-35) 19570 Thick thrust washers (repl. OEM 43563-35) 5 pair 19571 Adjusting shims (.002") repl. OEM 43560-35 (pack of 50) 19572 Retainer and rollers (repl. OEMs 24721-30, 9220A) 19573 Inner thrust washer (repl. OEM 43552-39) pack of 10 19574 Bearing collar (repl. OEM 43561-39) 19575 Roller bearing sleeve (repl. OEM 43550-35) 19576 Brake side retainer and rollers (repl. OEMs 43578-35, 9220A) 19577 Brake side thrust washers (repl. OEM 43558-39) pack of 10 19579 Thrust washer lockring (repl. OEM 43554-35) 5 pair 19580 Brake side cork washer retainers (repl. OEM 43564-35) pack of 25 19581 Small cork washer (repl. OEM 43570-35) pack of 10 19517 Gasket and cork washer kit (repl. OEMs 43570-35, 43571-35, 43576-31) 19582 Large brake side cork washers (repl. OEM 43571-35) pack of 10 19620 Outer cover without hole for zerk fitting (repl. OEM 43566-35TA) 19568 Hub cover screw/lockwasher kit (pack of 5) 19620 19581 19571 19569 19570 19572 19573 19517 19574 19575 19576 19568 19582 19580 19579 19577 Wheel Seals Fits the spoked rear wheels on 55-78 Sportster and K models; 67-72 FLs and 71-72 FXs. 54324 Rubber oil seal (repl. OEM 41210-55) Sold in packs of 10 140006 Steel oil seal (repl. OEM 41210-55) Sold in packs of 5 Fits the spoked rear wheel on FLs, FXs and FXRs from 73-83 and XLs from 79-83; spoked front on FLs and FXWGs 80-83; cast front or rear on FLs 80-84; cast front or rear (brake side only) on FLTs and FLHTs from 82-84. Also fits the swingarm on all Big Twin drum brake models from 58-72. 54331 Rubber oil seals (repl. OEM 47519-58) pack of 10 Fits the cast rear and spoked or cast front wheels on FXs (except FXWG), FXRs and XLs from 73-83; cast front and rear wheels on FLs from 73-79; cast rear wheel (sprocket side only) on FLT/FLHT from 80-83 Also fits the swingarm on 4-speed FX Big Twin disc brake models from 73-86. 54332 Steel oil seal (repl. OEM 47519-72) pack of 10 Fits the cast or spoked front and rear wheels on most models from 83-99. 54207 Rubber oil seal (repl. OEM 47519-83A) pack of 10 54331 54324 54207 54332 140006


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