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28110 - DAYTONA CALIPER SEAL KIT Your Price 10,17 €  

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Article-No.: 28110
Packaging Unit: 1(Kit)
Catalog page: 13.90
Manufacturer/Distribution: DAYTONA / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 44127-72A 44133-72


Part Description:

Rear Banana Calipers

Fits: 73-80 FX Shovel, 72-80 FL Shovel

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13.90 13 26319 25494 25520 28136 Brake Caliper Piston Assemblies Rear 28130 Fits FL and FX models from 73-E80 (repl. OEM 44129-73) 28135 Fits FL models from 81-84 and FLT or FLHT models from 80-85 (repl. OEM 43946-79) Two required per caliper 28132 Fits late 80 FL models, all FX models from late 80-82, and 83 FXE (repl. OEM 44118-80) Front 28131 Fits FL models from 72-80 (repl. OEM 44109-72A) 28132 Fits FL models from late 80-84 (repl. OEM 44118-80) 28133 Fits all single disc Sportster and FX models from 74-77 (repl. OEM 44275- 74) 28140 Fits all dual disc Sportster, FX and FXR models from 77-83. Includes the pis- ton, seal and rubber dust boot (repl. OEM 44157-77) Caliper Mounting Pin Rebuild Kit Restores ‘banana’ calipers to safe service when the caliper support pin has enlarged and egg- shaped the thru-hole in the caliper body. Kit includes a 3" support shaft, hardened washers and two sockethead screws. 25555 Fits all ‘banana’ calipers 72-83 Brake Fittings and Bleeder Screws Wheel Cylinder Bolt 26319 Fits all Big Twins from 58-72 (repl. OEM 41743-58) sold each Bleeder Screws Fits the rear wheel cylinder on all FL and FX models from 58-72; the FL sidecar wheel cylin- der from 58-E70; the ‘pie-shaped’ front caliper on all Sportster and FX models from 74-77; the ‘banana’ caliper on the front and rear of all FL models from 72-79; the ‘banana’ caliper on the front of 73 Sportster and FX models; the ‘banana’ caliper on the rear of all FX models from 73-77. Replaces OEM 41749-58. 25494 Bleeder screws (repl. OEM 41749-58) pack of 10 Fits the front calipers of all dual-disc FX, FXR and Sportster, models from 77-83 and FLT/FLHT models from 80-83; the ‘banana’ caliper and the dual piston caliper on the rear of all FL, FLT and FLHT models from 80-86; the ‘banana’ caliper on the rear of all FX models from 78-83; the rear caliper of all Sportster models from 77-81; the ‘Hayes’ rear brake caliper used from 86-03. Replaces OEM 44146-77. 3/8"-24 25520 Pack of 10 25554 Chrome-plated (sold each) Brake Caliper Bleeder Screw Repair Kit Has an oversize bleeder screw and seat for ‘banana’ caliper or drum brak 28136 Complete kit Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit Includes pistons and seals for one caliper. Includes 4 square seals (replaces OEM 44328- 00), 4 wipers (replaces OEM 44330-00), 4 pistons (replaces OEM 44335-00), 2 O-rings (replaces OEM 44336-00). 130469 Fits all 00-07 Big Twin and Sportster models to 00-03 front and rear (except Springer Softail models, front) 641047 Rebuild kit without pistons, seals only RST Steel Anchor Rods Anchor rods made from D10 VA stainless steel for rear custom brakes applications. Complete with zinc-plated M10 heim joints. 84432 10"-long 84433 8"-long 84434 6"-long Front Caliper Rebuild Kit for Late Sportsters The kit includes seals and pistons. Fits Sportster models 07-16. 688283 Front caliper rebuild kit for XL 07-16 (repl. OEM 42028-07) Caliper Seal Kits These kits are made of top-quality neoprene and offer the rebuilder needed kits that are not available elsewhere. Each kit includes the seal and dust boot used when resealing the cal- ipers, and are compatible with all brake fluids. 28107 Fits the front dual disc calipers on FXR, FX and Sportster models from 77-83 (repl. OEMs 44151-77, 44153-77) Two kits required 28110 Fits the rear ‘banana’ calipers on FL and FX models from 73-80, and the front ‘banana’ caliper on FL models from 72-80 (repl. OEMs 44127-72A, 44133-72) 28106 Fits front (pie-shaped) calipers on FX and Sportster models from 74-77 (repl. OEMs 44277-74, 44278-74) 28105 Fits the rear ‘banana’ caliper on FX models from 81-82, and the front ‘banana’ caliper on FL models from 81-84. Also fits CC #13012 and 13017 brake caliper assemblies and CC #13026 dual piston conversion kit (repl. OEMs 44007-80, 44133-72) 130491 Fits the rear calipers on all Big Twin and Sportster models from late 87-99 (repl. OEM 44045-87) 130432 Fits the front calipers on all Big Twin and Sportster models from 84-99 (repl. OEMs 44047-83, 44022-83) 130433 Fits the rear caliper (OEM 44208-82) on Softail models from 84-E87, Sportster and FXR models from 82-E87, and 4-speed FX models from 83-86 130434 Fits the rear caliper on all Sportster models from 79-81 (repl. OEMs 44152- 77, 44180-77) 28137 Fits the rear dual piston brake calipers on 4-and 5-speed Touring models from 80-85 (repl. OEMs 43945-79, 43947-79) Two kits required 28107 130434 28110 130433 28105 130432 28106 130491


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